Halle Berry Takes Ex To Court Again, Claims He’s Trying To Make Their Daughter White

Halle Berry took ex Gabriel Aubry, with whom she shares a daughter, to court because she claims Aubry is trying to make 6-year-old Nahla white. According to TMZ, Gabriel has been straightening Nahla’s hair, which is naturally curly. On top of that, he’s been lightening the child’s hair with highlights, and according to Halle Berry, it’s because he does not want their daughter to look African American.

Halle herself did not appear in court Monday morning, allowing her lawyer, Steve Kolodny, to handle it all. Gabriel did show up himself. And, apparently, after a lot of arguing, a judge ruled that neither Gabriel nor Halle Berry could change Nahla’s looks from their natural state, which means Nahla’s hair will be allowed to grow back naturally.

This is not the first time Halle has had legal trouble with her daughter’s father lately. The two share joint custody of Nahla, but Halle Berry pays $16,000 a month in child support payments to Aubrey, which she feels is entirely too much. She has filed legal documentation, asking the judge overseeing the custody of her daughter to reduce those monthly payments to just under $4,000 a month, saying that Gabriel has stopped working and is simply living off of the child support payments she makes to him, which is an abuse of the system. Halle claims that Gabriel is more than capable of getting a job, and even with reduced child support payments, Nahla would be able to live more than comfortably off that income — supplemented by her father’s salary.

Halle Berry’s lawyer breaks down Aubry’s usage of the colossal child support payment he receives for 50 percent of his daughter’s custody as follows.

$740 a month for Gabriel’s “Fitness”
$940 a month in clothing (Gabriel lists Nahla’s clothing expenses separately — $675 a month)
$700 a month for Gabriel’s health insurance
$1,975 a month in car expenses
$1,100 a month in furniture and electronics

The $16,000 monthly payments — which amount to over $200,000 annually — began last June. At that time, Berry was also asked to pay Aubry a retroactive payment totaling $115,000. In addition to that, she was also held responsible for $300,000 worth of Aubry’s legal bills.

So there is no doubt that there is a long and ugly history between Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry, but the latest allegations — that Aubry does not want his biracial child to appear African American and, instead, is tailoring her appearance to make her look more white — seem particularly nasty if they are true.

[Image via US Magazine]