Total War: Shogun 2 ‘Fall of the Samurai’ expansion announced [Video]

Sega today announced that a new, standalone expansion for Total War: Shogun 2, dubbed ‘Fall of the Samurai’, is in the works for a March 2012 release.

The expansion takes place during the Boshin War period in 1864, which ultimately brought about the end of the age of the Samurai and marks the dawn of a new age for Japan. Resentment towards growing influences Western colonial powers and antipathy towards the Shogunate raise tensions in the nation, prompting a civil war.

The expansion will add in six new playable clans, three of which back the Imperial movement while the other three back the Shogunate. In addition to dealing with each other, players will also have to decide how to handle relationships with American, French and British forces.

In addition to adding in new clans, players will have access to a new and improved campaign map, a total of 39 new units, including Gatling guns, US Marines and British Royal Marines. Naval warfare will also see a drastic change with the introduction of artillery steamers, torpedo boats and Ironclad battleships. In total, Creative Assembly says there will be about 10 new naval units.

Check out the announcement trailer for Fall of the Samurai below.

[Video courtesy of VG247]