Grieving Father Throws Chair At Judge After Reckless Driver Who Killed His 2-Year-Old Daughter Gets Lenient Sentence [Video]

All one grieving father wanted was justice for the untimely death of his two-year-old daughter and her grandparents. According to Metro UK, the toddler and her grandparents, age 64 and 67, were killed in a car accident as a result of the convicted motorist's reckless driving.

The three innocent victims were reportedly killed instantly when the driver veered off the road, going 75 mph in a 50 mph zone. But, unfortunately, on Friday, Nov. 21 all hope for justice diminished when the judge announced the 33-year-old driver's sentence - 60 days in custody and 120 hours of community service..

Needless to say, everyone who attended the trial was relatively shocked by the outcome. But, the little girl's father was immediately infuriated by the judge's absurdly lenient sentence. As a matter of fact, he made no attempt to hide his disdain. Things took a shocking turn when he picked up a chair and threw it directly at the judge.

Several local media outlets reported the surviving family members took the sentencing exceptionally hard because the driver allegedly showed no remorse, and did not even issue a statement of apology for his actions. So, the disheartening sentence only made matters worse.

The jaw-dropping incident began circulating around the internet once footage of the father's chair-throwing antics was uploaded to YouTube, reports Reddit. However, many viewers aren't surprised by his actions. The outcome of the trial has been widely criticized on several news sites, video sharing networks, and social media platforms. Viewers and readers are outraged by the judge's light sentence since the driver was responsible for three fatalities.

Here's some of the comments:

"Disgraceful sentence. I wonder what sentence she would have gave if it was her own child and parents who were killed. Absolutely disgusting," one viewer wrote via YouTube.

"Typical judicial system. makes no sense for innocent family members to lose their lives and the culprit who did the deed gets away with it. That judge needs to step down from her position. The judge is as guilty as the perpetrator!!" Valerie Paige wrote via Sun News.

However, one viewer shared a different perspective in support of the judge's sentence.
"He wasn't drink driving? He was tried for vehicular manslaughter because he was accused of speeding, not drinking. They couldn't conclusively prove he was actually speeding by a large margin. That is why he was he not sentenced for vehicular manslaughter but for some more minor offense that could be proved. That is why the sentence was as low as it is. Can't imagine how horrible this is for the family though," the viewer said via YouTube.
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[Image via YouTube]