Lily Allen Calls Band Aid 30 ‘Smug,’ Turned Down Invitation To Participate

Lily Allen revealed to The Daily Mail that she was invited to be a part of Band Aid 30, but refused. Her explanation compliments the artists that did contribute, but dismisses the entire concept of the charity single.

“I got an email asking me to do it. It’s difficult to explain why I didn’t do it without sounding like a complete ****. I prefer to do my charitable bit by donating actual money and not being lumped in with a bunch of people like that. It’s like the success club and I’m not really in that club. I don’t think I’m above it all – I’m way below it. But there’s something a bit smug about it.”

The Mail said Allen is the first artist to publicly reveal her reasons for declining to participate in the project. The Independent reported rapper Fuse ODG also turned down an invitation, stating that the track was not in line with his beliefs. The song, originally written in 1984 to raise money for famine relief, has been reworked to focus on the Ebola issue.

Damon Albarn had also criticized the project, claiming it patronizes Africa. In an interview reported on by The Independent, he further elaborated on his point of view.

“Our perspective and our idea of what helps and our idea what’s wrong and right are not necessarily shared by other cultures. There are problems with our idea of charity, especially these things that suddenly balloon out of nothing and then create a media frenzy where some of that essential communication is lost and it starts to feel like it’s a process where if you give money you solve the problem, and really sometimes giving money creates another problem.”

Although she did not give her voice to Band Aid 30, Allen was quick to praise Bob Geldof, who originated the Band Aid concept and was instrumental in its latest evolution.

“I actually don’t mind Bob. He doesn’t give a **** and he’s grumpy like me.”

Geldof and his family were in the news earlier this year after the unexpected death of his daughter, Peaches.

Despite Allen’s lack of involvement, the Band Aid single made it to number one on the U.K. charts this week, making it the fastest-selling single since 2012, according to NME. It has raised £1million (US $ 1,563,500) for the fight against Ebola since November 17.

Band Aid 30 is the fourth version of the original single Do They Know It’s Christmas? The project’s official website invites people to donate through the web or via text message. There are also links to download the single.

[Lily Allen Image: Google]