Madeleine McCann Update: Is Robert Murat About To Close This Case?

Chelsea Hoffman

The Madeleine McCann mystery deepens with the revelation that Scotland Yard officials are eyeing Robert Murat as a potential witness. The British expat has been interrogated in the past as a suspect, but The Mirror reports that he denies ever being around her the night she vanished over seven years ago. Now that Murat is being considered a witness, what could happen next in the search for the missing child, and who will end up being suspects in her disappearance?

The Huffington Post also shares the news of this development in Madeleine's case, but they've omitted the fact that he's a witness from their report. This is likely due to the tension that hovers over U.K. publications regarding the McCann disappearance, and the litigious nature of her parents and others involved in the case. To explain, Murat being a witness -- and not a suspect -- throws a kink into the theory that Madeleine was kidnapped. That's made incredibly apparent by the #McCann hashtag on Twitter, as well as the #Murat hashtag, which are both pathways to heated discussion and debate. If Murat witnessed something that proves she was not kidnapped, then that may change the course of this case altogether. So what exactly did Robert Murat witness when the British child vanished?

— Jon Tait (@bigredflagge) November 19, 2014

It's been over seven years since the girl vanished and since Murat was declared a suspect and quickly cleared of involvement. Since he is being questioned now as a witness, this could very well signal the near end of the case -- or at least the investigation into who is responsible for the disappearance. Meanwhile, two people have remained completely silent since the revelation of this explosive news. Madeleine McCann's parents have been critical of Murat in the past, but now that he's a possible witness will they change their tune?