Kate Middleton's Family Encourages Brits To Celebrate Thanksgiving -- And Gives Party Tips

Samantha Kilgore

Next to the fourth of July, Thanksgiving is an ultra-American holiday. It's a holiday to celebrate harvest, to count blessings, and is commonly traced back to a celebration held in 1621 between newly-landed Puritans in America and American Indians. In fact, in addition to being a harvest holiday, Thanksgiving is rooted in the Pilgrims' decision to split from England, making it a uniquely American holiday.

But Kate Middleton's parents see nothing wrong with celebrating it on their side of the pond, and offer some tips to their fellow Brits who wish to celebrate Thanksgiving, as well.

The Party Times, which is the online blog for Party Pieces, the party supply company run by Kate's parents Carole and Michael Middleton, enthused about the holiday.

"Many US expats will be celebrating Thanksgiving at the end of November. We love the sentiment behind this late autumn holiday which has in modern times become synonymous with spending precious time with friends and family to give thanks over a meal – so we might just join in," the blog reads.

Many of the ideas presented on the blog are similar to what is done in the United States on the holiday -- getting little ones to decorate the table for the holiday, having guests each say what they are thankful for before the meal begins, and taking a long walk after the meal is through.

But a few unique perspectives on how British may celebrate the American holiday include forgoing the traditional turkey for one's family's favorite roast and using turkey in canapes instead, as well as some American-flag-themed decorations to give the British Thanksgiving party an American feel.

"Theme your decor around the autumn colours; red, orange, brown, yellow and gold. Kids can make leaf shapes from craft paper and stick these to windows, doors and walls around the table. Add leaf hanging decorations, helium balloons or paper pompoms and a Give Thanks banner if you like. This is an American holiday after all, so add a few decorations in the stars and stripes."

The blog also reads, "Although you might not be able to sit down and watch an evening's worth of American football, settle down for a movie or play a board game together. Serve home-baked gingerbread or choc chip cookies with hot drinks for kids."

The Middleton party supply website has a surprising array of Thanksgiving-themed items for a company located in a country where Thanksgiving is not celebrated. Their goods run the gamut from the cheesy, traditional paper plates emblazoned with a turkey, to the surprisingly sophisticated food boxes, done in orange, that could be purchased and used in lieu of Tupperware when sending guests home laden down with turkey and other leftovers.

What do you think -- is it flattering that the Middletons may celebrate Thanksgiving, or is it just strange?

[Image via Shelter Pop]