Diane Sawyer Mourns At Mike Nichols’ Memorial

An exclusive by The Daily Mail UK shows a long line of tearful celebrities paying their respects to Diane Sawyer’s recently departed husband, Mike Nichols. On November 22, attendants gathered at an Upper Eastside Manhattan home to mourn the loss of Nichols with Diane Sawyer. The Huffington Post has run stories about how other journalists in Diane Sawyer’s professional field are sending their love and condolences.

Headlines like the one from US Magazine, are still shining a light on the love story between Diane Sawyer and her late spouse. But as the days move on since it was announced that Mike Nichols, Director of ‘The Graduate,’ has passed away, the focus is on Diane Sawyer, what she will do next, and aspects of her recent career.

In regards to Diane Sawyer’s relationship with Mike Nichols, Esquire Magazine reprinted a 1989 article a couple of months before Nichols died. A year after Diane Sawyer married Nichols in 1988, a former lover of Sawyer’s wrote about how she had changed since marrying Nichols. Fred Exley said,

“But Diane Sawyer is nothing if not faithful, faithful to the point of obstinacy.”

As for Diane Sawyer’s future, it was already announced in June that she would be leaving ABC News as an anchor in September. In a Variety Magazine report, it was explained that Sawyer’s future plans,

“portrayed the shift as driven by Sawyer’s desire to spend more time focused on original reporting that may not always be driven by daily headlines.”

However, it is easy to understand that Diane Sawyer would not be working on these goals during times of grieving. In the recent past, Diane Sawyer’s experienced a tragedy when her mother passed away. In Diane Sawyer’s home city, The Courier-Journal in Louisville, Kentucky reports that Jean Sawyer Hayes died around the end of October at age 94. A few weeks later, Diane Sawyer lost her husband of 26 years.

Diane Sawyer’s mother was an elementary school teacher and Diane Sawyer told The Courier-Journal in a phone interview concerning her mother’s death that,

“Years after her three decades in the classroom, her former students stopped her on the street, in restaurants and at the grocery store to tell of her impact.”

Twitter fans sent their condolences after Diane Sawyer's mother passed away in October.

At the end of October, Diane Sawyer and Mike Nichols were cited as attendants at the Oscar de la Renta funeral by USA Today. They also went out for a night of theater at the end of October according to the Broadway blog, ShowBiz 411.

ABC News reported on Diane Sawyer’s participation in the elections on November 4. Within a couple of weeks, Mike Nichols passed away on November 17.

Future plans have not been discussed in the media concerning Diane Sawyer. A time of mourning in many ways, Diane Sawyer’s fans continue to send their condolences and quote her on social media.

Twitter has fans tweeting about Diane Sawyer. They are quoting her wisdom and sending their condolences.

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