‘Girl Meets World’ Christmas Episode To Include Familiar Faces

Girl Meets World fans are in for a big holiday surprise. In the upcoming Christmas episode, some familiar faces from Boy Meets World will be back to help celebrate with the Matthews Family, Cory, Topanga, Riley, and Auggie.

According to Gossip Cop, the Girl Meets World Christmas episode is sure to be a special one. Cory’s parents, Amy and Alan Matthews will be in New York City for the holidays and they will bring with them their youngest son, Joshua, who was born when Cory was in college.

Amy and Alan were the backbone of Boy Meets World, and showed viewers that there were loving, caring, understanding, yet strict parents out there who encouraged their children to have the wings to fly out on their own and experience life on their terms, much like Cory and Topanga do for their daughter, Riley.

Meanwhile, the Christmas episode will be a great way for Boy Meets World and Girl Meets World fans to finally get to know Joshua. When Josh was born, Cory and his older brother, Eric, were both much older. There were a few glimpses of Josh, and one scene in the series finale that touched fans, where the family interacted with Joshua.

However, now that Josh is a teenager, he’ll be portrayed as Riley and Auggie’s cool, young uncle, which should be fun for fans of both shows to watch.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Cory’s best friend, Shawn Hunter, played by actor Rider Strong, will also be in NYC for the holidays and drop by to see his favorite couple, Cory and Topanga. The details of Shawn’s adult life are unclear, but fans can’t wait to see what’s become of Mr. Hunter, and if he’s made a great life for himself.

Two people who are noticeably absent from the Girl Meets World Christmas episode are Eric Matthews and Mr. Feeny.

Will Friedle, who played fan favorite Eric Matthews, has not yet been confirmed to make any appearances on Girl Meets World, but fans are hoping that the family will at least mention Eric at their holiday celebration.

Meanwhile, while Mr. Feeny, played by William Daniels, had a brief cameo in the series premiere of the show, he has not been seen again since, and may fans have come to the theory that Mr. Feeny had passed away, which could also be addressed in the Christmas special.

Girl Meets World was renewed for Season 2 by the Disney Channel, and more cameos are sure to come.

Are you excited for the Girl Meets World Christmas episode?

[Image Credit: Disney]