Country Star Billy Gilman Comes Out As Gay After Being Inspired By Ty Herndon’s Gay Revelation

After Ty Herndon shared with the world that he is gay, fellow country star Billy Gilman found the courage to do the same through an emotional Youtube video he released on Thursday, reports Entertainment Tonight.

Gilman spoke with ET’s Nancy O’Dell about his decision to share who he really is with his fans.

“It’s crazy to know that I’m in an industry that’s ashamed of me for being me. I hope that someday down the line, that won’t be anymore because I’m sure there are thousands of great artists that aren’t getting the opportunity they deserve,” Gilman said.

“Any new artist can get a meeting on Music Row and have them listen to their new stuff, and I couldn’t get one courtesy meeting. There’s some wonderful people that I know, it’s just the stigma that is down there. Hopefully we can set that free,” Gillman added.

During Gilman‘s YouTube video, he spoke about Herndon’s revelation saying that his friend coming out publicly made it much easier for him. Gilman said he had been struggling with the decision to come out for several weeks after he was photographed with his partner, whom he has been with for five months.

“I knew that I’d rather it be from me than you reading it somewhere else,” Gilman said about his decision to speak out.

Gilman has received an endless supply of support from fans and famous friends like LeAnn Rimes, Lucy Hale, and Ty Herndon, reports People.

“Ty called and wished me well, and said it was a courageous effort. LeAnn Rimes said she was crying in a McDonald’s bathroom. Lucy Hale has been texting me back and forth. The reception has been pretty overwhelming so far,” Gilman says

Gilman rose to fame at the age of 11 with his song “One Voice.” Right now he is busy promoting his new release, “Say You Will.” In his new song, he serenades a woman with talk about love and lipstick stains.

“I wrote the song and it’s not going to change. People have written to me and [said] it’s the wedding song of the year, so it’ll stay as-is. But it’s quite funny talk in certain situations, actually,” Gilman explained. “In the end, I love country music. I don’t want to make a huge hooray, it’s just me saying this is what the deal is, and I just want to make the best music for my fans.”