Victoria’s Secret Releases Behind-The-Scenes Footage Of Fashion Show Castings, Sheds Light On Model Expectations

The anticipated day is approaching, yes the day when the world watches winged beauties strut down an extravagantly decorated runway clad in nothing but the latest and hottest lingerie pieces artistically and thoughtfully designed by Victoria’s Secret. The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show has become a bit of a holiday favorite to many, not only because of the visually appealing nature of the event, but also because of the lineup of musical guests that viewers get to be serenaded by as they enjoy the sight. Victoria’s Secret’s main event is a treat for the senses.

VS has let us in on another secret to allow the public to understand just how imperative being selected for the big event is to the career of young models, and to communicate as to what it is that they’re looking for when selecting the beauties for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Take a look at some footage of castings for answers to these burning questions.

It is clear why this one show is of such importance to so many models. Heather Hughes, who is an agent at Women Management, makes known the fact that to be selected as one of Victoria’s models for the event is a catapult to the career of those who are given the opportunity.

“To walk in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is the most competitive. You cannot compare it to anything else. To any ready-to-wear show, from New York to Milan to Paris, it doesn’t compare. What the girls’ exposure is to be able to be confirmed for that show is such a massive scale of visibility.”

This recently released video highlights many aspects of the event’s development, and gives an idea as to all that the casting panel is looking for in the women.

As 9News notes from the video, “Sophia Neophitou, the show’s head stylist, looks for someone ‘captivating and memorable’, while casting director John Pfeiffer is seeking to be ‘inspired’. Monica Mitro expects selected beauties will be well-proportioned with beautiful skin and great personality, indicating that this is ‘quite unique and rare.'”

Lastly, this snippet allows the public to understand how the models truly feel about the opportunity to be cast in the infamous Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Bianca Padilla, runway model, shares her feelings about what it means to walk for VS, stating, “Victoria’s Secret is all about the power of a woman, about attitude, about feeling confident, about feeling sexy, about feeling beautiful.”

The much anticipated event is set to air on Tuesday, December 9 on CBS and, as recently indicated by the Huffington Post, themes will include “Exotic Traveler portions… Gilded Angels, Dream Girls, Fairy Tale, University of Pink and Angel Ball.”