[Rumor] People Can Fly to develop Gears of War prequels

While most of us are recovering from food-induced comas and the embodiment of chaos that is Black Friday, the rumor mill has churned up an interesting rumor regarding the future of the Gears of War franchise.

The US end of Official Xbox Magazine suggests in their latest issue (via CVG) that developer People Can Fly, the team behind Bulletstorm, could take on development of an all new prequel trilogy for Gears of War in the near future.

This wouldn’t be the first time that People Can Fly have worked on a Gears of War title – the team was responsible for porting over the original Gears of War to the PC back in 2007.

CVG points out in their report that Epic will be releasing DLC for Gears of War 3, RAAM’s Shadow, that acts as a prequel to the original Gears of War, so it’s possible that may be testing the waters for prequel content.

It’s safe to say at this point that the Gears of War franchise will continue on, but whether that will be with a prequel – and developed by People Can Fly – is something we’ll have to wait to find out for sure. Nice thought, though.

Source: OXM US (via CVG)