Darren Wilson Expects No Charges, Ferguson Official Says

A police union official told reporters this week that Darren Wilson expects no charges in the case of the Michael Brown shooting. The Grand Jury decision is expected any day now, but speculation that there would be no charges has been widespread, and now it seems Wilson has confirmed that he expects the same.

Jeff Roorda, business manager for the St. Louis Police Officers Association, told Connect Mid-Missouri that he had discussed the matter with Darren Wilson, and that the officer has stated that he expects no charges from the Grand Jury.

Missouri state officials have warned that they expect riots when the decision is released, which hints strongly at no charges. Anonymous released a statement at the end of October, claiming that they had received leaked documents showing that the officer would face no charges — though that statement also claimed that the decision would be released on November 10, and that date has passed with no Grand Jury decision.

Still, it’s clear Darren Wilson isn’t the only one who expects he will face no charges — the hacker collective, much of Ferguson’s general public, and apparently numerous public officials seem to share the expectation.

Meanwhile, the decision is expected to come soon: Ferguson locals and protesters are sharing photos of barriers police have erected, ostensibly to control angry crowds after the decision is released. The erection of barriers led many to suspect that an official declaration of “no charges” would be forthcoming before the weekend.

ABC reports that the FBI is providing 100 additional officers in Ferguson, and that these officers have already been deployed to the area, setting up a special intelligence center in St. Louis.

Missouri’s National Guard has also been called in to prepare for the protests that Governor Nixon says he expects after the Grand Jury decision is announced. Each of these events has led the public to believe that a decision was imminent, and for many, each event has increased the belief that there would be no charges.

Despite increasing tensions and expectations, the Grand Jury is still meeting, officials say, and no decision has been reached. However, of the officials and others actually present for the hearings, Darren Wilson is currently the only one whose expectations have been made officially public, and that he expects no charges may be quite telling.

[photo credit: Light Brigading]