Lost Work Of Jack Kerouac Published After Being Discovered By Brother-In-Law

Jack Kerouac’s novel The Sea Is My Brother is hitting book store shelves 42 years after the death of the Beat Generations greatest icon. Written 70 years ago the book tells the story of a merchant seaman and the experiences he deals with.

While the book had been discussed in letters from the author nobody really knew it was finished until his brother-in-law found and provided the full manuscript for the novel. Apparently it had been sitting among Kerouac’s writer’s archives all these years.

According to the books editor the novel “opens up and shows a side to him that we don’t normally see in his books.”

In the meantime book publisher Penguin told the BBC:

“This book is really quite important as it shows how Jack developed his writing process” and it’s “a unique insight into the young Kerouac and the formation of his genius.”

While the book publisher raves about the talents displayed in Kerouac’s first attempt at writing a novel the author has long disagrees, at one point calling the work “a crock of literature.”

Will you be picking up the early work by the famed author?