‘Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae’ Demo Will Have About Two Hours Of Content [Video]

Final Fantasy XV has been in the headlines lately with the release of a high definition gameplay trailer and rumors about the much awaited release date. Now there is promise of a demo for Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae.

In the hour long interview, featured below, Hajime Tabata, Game Director at Square Enix, spoke of a demo voucher for those who pre-order Final Fantasy Type-O HD.

Tabata understands the needs of fans.The wants to ease gamers’ hungry appetites by serving up an appetizer of Final Fantasy XV.

The demo can be downloaded via a code. It will be at least one hour and could reach up to four. Though most players will get about two hours of gameplay out of the demo unless they really choose to explore. The sad news is that it may only be available for a limited time, according to Tabata.

“For the users who have been waiting, we really wanted to provide a version of the game that could be played as soon as possible, so we thought up this sort of gift. But rather than make it available forever, we’re thinking of a cut-off period. It wouldn’t be a very long period, in order to make its existence feel a little more special.”

There will be only a special few, well, probably hundreds, that are given this gift of play.

The game the demo is to accompany, Final FantasyType-O HD, is pegged as being one of the darkest games in the Final Fantasy series. For those who haven’t heard ofType-O, the game’s website offers up a chilling introduction.

“In an act of unprovoked aggression, the Militesi Empire invaded the Dominion of Rubrum. Imperial dreadnoughts swarmed the skies, assailing the unsuspecting countryside under the banner of the White Tiger. From amidst the flames of the besieged dominion, the Vermilion Bird rose in defiance, her crystalgranting magic and mighty eidolons that her disciples might cast out the technologically advanced aggressors.”

Thrust into the tumult of war, the fate of the world and its four crystals now rests on the shoulders of fourteen brave, young warriors.

Final FantasyType-O HD will make its debut on March 17 of next year, but can be pre-ordered now.

With all the leaks and info release for Final Fantasy XV, Tabata and Square Enix sure know how to keep their fans excited. In the meantime, while we wait for XV, we will just continue on playing one of our other Final Fantasy adventures.

[Image via screenshot from YouTube]