Russian Baby Foxes Come Out To Play In Remote Area Close To Arctic [Photos]

An amateur photographer has shared his stunning photos of Russian baby foxes playing in the snow in one of the most remote parts of the country. Ivan Kislov is showing us what the wild animals do when no one is watching.

On his website, full of not only baby foxes, but other wild animals’ photos, Kislov displays the creatures having some fun or just hanging out in the breathtaking landscape of Russia’s Far East, one of the most unforgiving areas of the world. The beautiful images include foxes, wolves, rabbits, cats, and other species.

The desolate conditions shown in the pics from Russia make for a stunning background to the frolicking baby foxes.

Image via Ivan Kislov
Image via Ivan Kislov

But photography is not Kislov’s full time job; he is a mining engineer working in Chukotka, a remote area of Far East Russia partly located above the Arctic Circle. The conditions there are extreme, especially this time of the year, however, this doesn’t prevent these adorable baby foxes to come out and play.

In a report from the Huffington Post via Bored Panda Kislov recently said that when he’s able to take breaks from his job, he uses photography as a way to relax and forget about everyday problems. He then takes his camera and steps into the wild to capture photos of the amazing landscape which surrounds him.

“Foxes are curious and can come very close,” he told Bored Panda.

Baby foxes, bears, reindeer, hares, and other wild animals are part of his stunning collection, along with landscape photos that show how desolate and remote this part of the world really is. Kislov says he “just likes to watch the animals,” and has enjoyed taking photos of them since he was a young child.

Even without snow, the photos of the Russian baby foxes are just too adorable for words, as they have a good time playing with one another. Check out these other photos of those smiling baby foxes captured by Ivan Kislov’s camera.

Image via Ivan Kislov
Image via Ivan Kislov
Russian baby foxes
Image via Ivan Kislov

For more stunning photos of Russian baby foxes and other wild animals, visit Ivan Kislov’s website and 500px for the rest of the collection.

[Image via Ivan Kislov]