Ferguson: Darren Wilson Might Turn In His Badge

Darren Wilson is in talks to turn in his badge with Ferguson officials. The police officer, who shot and killed Michel Brown on August 9, has steadfastly maintained that he did nothing wrong. Wilson has allegedly told friends privately that he would “consider resigning” in an effort to bring peace to the city if he is not indicted when the Michael Brown verdict is read, according to CNN.

The Darren Wilson grand jury decision is expected to be handed down as early as this afternoon. The resignation of the Ferguson police officer allegedly depends highly upon the outcome of the Michael Brown verdict. If the grand jury decides to indict Wilson, he is not expected to turn in his badge. Wilson has been on the Ferguson police force for six years and reportedly has no disciplinary filings on his employee record. He remains on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of grand jury deliberations.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Mike Brown supporters have issued a “19 Rules of Engagement” list of demands to Ferguson police and St. Louis County law enforcement pertaining to the Michael Brown verdict release and how protesters will be treated in the days and weeks following the decision. The Don’t Shoot Coalition list includes demands that police officers not react when minor lawbreaking, such as thrown water bottle incidents occur.

Although the Michael Brown verdict is expected to be handed down by the Darren Wilson grand jury today, the public may not be officially informed of the decision until Sunday. The Don’t Shoot coalition’s rules of engagement list demanded 48-hour notice in order to prepare for the aftermath. Some news reports indicate that law enforcement officials have requested the same time frame to prepare for the Michael Brown shooting protests and possible rioting and looting which could follow.

Ferguson gun sales have skyrocketed in recent days. Chat by alleged law enforcement officers on the St. Louis Cop Talk forum maintains that politicians and officials have “neutered” them and rendered them “powerless” to protect the public.

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon declared a state of emergency and activated the National Guard in advance of the Darren Wilson grand jury decision. State and county police agencies have also been working to prepare for possible backlash in Ferguson, for several weeks. Despite the 48-hour warning requests, it is unlikely that the Michael Brown verdict will go unleaked for several days, with at least a handful of individuals knowing whether Darren Wilson is indicted for the Mike Brown shooting.

Do you think Darren Wilson will be indicted or turn in his badge?

[Image via: Mashable]