EA to offer Battlefield 1943 to Battlefield 3 PS3 players after all

PlayStation 3 owners were rightfully heated when EA, at just about at the last second, announced that Battlefield 1943would not be included with new copies of Battlefield 3, despite saying months prior that it would.

This sparked outrage from many users, and there was even a class action lawsuit filed against EA over the fiasco. EA has heard the angry cries (and the lawsuit), however, and says that it will be offering the free copy of Battlefield 1943 after all.

EA launched a redemption page for PlayStation 3 owners, which says that Battlefield 3 players on the PlayStation 3 will be able to redeem their voucher starting November 26 in Europe, December 10 in North America and December 17 in Japan.

In order to be eligible to receive your voucher, you’ll need to have activated your online pass – and if you bought it used, you’ll need to buy one – before you head to the redemption page, the site explains.

EA hasn’t made a comment on their change of heart as of writing – the only comment lies on the FAQ, which calls the situation a “misunderstanding”. It’s good that they’re making good on their original promise, but they probably shouldn’t be making promises in the first place if they don’t intend to keep them.

For more information on how the process will work, you can head over to this link.