Iggy Azalea Emasculates Eminem For ‘Threatening Young Women’ After He Raps About Raping Her

COMMENTARY | Iggy Azalea has had enough of Eminem and his brand of rap music.

The Australian found the lyrics of Eminem’s “Vegas” to be the last straw. Apparently, Iggy’s 14-year-old little brother is a huge Eminem fan, or he was until the rap legend (aka Marshall Mathers) rapped about raping his sister in the lyrics of this latest release.

While Eminem has always been known for his sexually explicit, violent, and often offensive lyrics, Iggy feels this latest missive went way overboard. Here are the lyrics for reference.

“So swallow my pride you’re lucky just to follow my ride. If I let you run alongside the Humvee. Unless you’re Nicki, grab you by the wrist, let’s ski. So what’s it gon’ be? Put that s*** away Iggy. You don’t wanna blow that rape whistle on me. Scream! I love it. ‘Fore I get lost with the gettin’ off.”

You don’t need a translator to see what Eminem is getting at there, but Iggy Azalea is hardly amused or intimidated. In fact, she had this to say in response via Twitter.

It’s hard not to admire the fiery Azalea. If you were asked to create the next huge rap sensation, a white blonde female from Australia probably isn’t what you would come up with, but judging from her sales, she’s definitely in the right profession.

Add to this fact she can hold her own in feuds with people like Snoop, Nicki Minaj, and now Eminem, and you’ve got a force who isn’t going away any time soon.

While her lyrics can be pretty rough, the confidence is very appealing, especially when you have a daughter and you don’t want her to grow up in what Iggy describes as an “old men threatening young women” culture.

I think if the renewed Bill Cosby rape allegations have taught us anything, it’s that society is sick of it and we’re not going to stand for it any longer.

Women like Iggy Azalea can turn that tide. In fact, with her takedown of Eminem, she appears to already be doing so.

[Image via Debby Wong / Shutterstock.com]