Professor Will No Longer Demand Snacks From Students

For the last 39 years Sacramento State psychology professor George Parrot has demanded that his students bring snacks to class and now it looks like that practice has come to an end.

Two weeks ago Professor Parrot walked out of class when his students failed to bring homemade snacks and that walkout led to complaints from several undergraduates. After the school’s administration spoke with the professor he agreed to drop the practice.

While it may seem that on the surface Parrot simply has a sweet tooth he argues that his snack requirement was a way to encourage participation from his pupils. According to Professor Parrot (I keep typing his name because it’s fun to say) the exercise in home economics was a way for students to get to know each other. The teacher also says students learned to form teams, set schedules and check up on each other through his baked goods routine.

According to the professor when he was in school classes were much smaller and undergrads actually got to know each other and formed closed ties, something he hoped his baking project would accomplish during a time when everything is a “commuter rat race” in which students drive to class then drive home with very little real world interaction.

If nothing else the Sacramento college professor hoped that the cakes would provide the fuel needed for students to sit through 3-hour lab sessions.

Do you think the professor overstepped his bounds by requiring baked good or should he be allowed to govern his class as he sees fit?

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