Florida State Shooting: Here Are Facts So Far About University Shooting That Injured 3 [Updated]

A shooting on the Florida State University campus in Tallahassee sent two people to the hospital just after midnight on Thursday morning, after university authorities warned of a “dangerous situation” and more than 30 police officers responded to the scene at the university’s Strozier Library.

UPDATE 3:40 AM EST: According to a report on CNN, a third person was also injured in the Florida State shooting incident. That person’s condition and where the victim was taken for treatment has not yet been made public.

Of the three victims, one is reported to be listed in critical condition.

The gunman, according to the CNN report, was shot and killed when he aimed his weapon at police officers who ordered him to drop the gun. But there was still no word on the identity or motives of the shooter.

According to early reports, the shooting took place on the first floor of the library at Florida State, and students inside the library reported hearing four gunshots. The university had earlier warned students and employees to remain “away from doors and windows” as the shooter was still at large.

A student or person claiming to be inside the library posted an account of the event on Twitter as it happened. The Twitter user, Blair Stokes, reported that the shooter had been apprehended.

As of about 2:30 a.m. Eastern on November 20, two victims were reported to be inured and being treated at Tallahassee Memorial Health Care Hospital — but there was no report by that time of the conditions of the injured people.

Authorities had not yet said whether the victims were students, Florida State University employees, or someone else. Nor was their any word on the identity of the person reportedly taken into custody in connection with the shooting — or any speculation on a motive for why someone would open fire in a university library after midnight.

Strozier Library remains open for students 24 hours per day. A student posted a video on YouTube, saying that it was taken inside the library during the shooting.

Also not yet known is whether the two people in Tallahassee Memorial Hospital were the only two victims of the Florida State University shooting. The hospital is a Level II trauma center, meaning it provides 24-hour coverage for emergencies and trauma incidents with surgeons from a wide variety of specialties available at all times.

Ian Clark, a nursing supervisor at the hospital, told USA Today that the two individuals admitted did indeed suffer gunshot wounds in the shooting at Florida State, but how severe those wounds may be, Clark did not specify.

Police have said they will issue a statement with further details on the Florida State University shooting shortly, but did not give a time for when that statement would be made public.