Andi Dorfman’s Wedding Called Off? May 9 Wedding Won’t Happen According To Josh Murray

Bachelorette fans are anxiously awaiting Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray’s wedding date announcement. Six months has passed since they got engaged and, although they are still cheesing it up on Twitter and Instagram, it seems that Andi’s dream of having a wedding on May 9, 2015 is probably not going to happen.

Back in August, Andi told Atlanta’s Jezebel Magazine that she would love to get married on May 9 because it would be “exactly a year from the proposal.”

Things have since changed, but it is not clear if Andi is on board with Josh’s idea of when they should get married. Murray recently told WetPaint that it’s likely he will be “a married man” by Summer 2015. While he didn’t give an exact date, it sure sounds like he wants to wait a bit longer before he pins down an exact date to make Andi the new Mrs. Murray.

6 months ago… @jmurbulldog

— Andi Dorfman (@AndiDorfman) November 9, 2014

Could it be Josh’s brother’s engagement and upcoming wedding putting a damper on Andi and Josh’s wedding plans or is it something bigger? The Inquisitr previously reported that Josh’s brother, Kansas City Chiefs QB Aaron Murray, got engaged to Kacie McDonnell in October.

Both Andi and Josh were noticeably missing from the engagement party and neither of them tweeted out their congrats to the couple. There was plenty of speculation that Josh was upset because his wedding was going to be overshadowed by his brother’s wedding, which is already in the planning stages.

If it’s not Aaron’s wedding holding Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray off from getting hitched sooner than later, perhaps the couple is still holding out hope that ABC will pick up the tab and give them a televised wedding.

There are conflicting reports as to why they probably won’t have a TV wedding, with Gossip Cop reporting that ABC doesn’t feel the couple’s relationship is going to “make it to the altar” and WetPaint stating that “ABC doesn’t feel like throwing down several hundred thousand dollars” to host the couple’s wedding.

It’s possible that Andi and Josh are just a bit disappointed that they may not have million-dollar wedding like Bachelor alum Sean and Catherine Loweor Ashley and JP Rosenbaum did. Perhaps Josh is trying to stall on the date, just in case ABC has a change of heart and decides to fork over a big chunk of change so the couple can get married on live TV.

Do you think Andi Dorfman will walk down the aisle in 2015?