'The Walking Dead' Gets Recap Show Hosted By Zombie, Scott Ian Becomes A Walker [Video]

The Walking Dead fans who just can't get enough of the show's real stars -- the zombies -- will be thrilled to know that the AMC series now has a second after show. It's hosted by the biggest "star" of The Walking Dead, a good-looking guy named Fred (Luke Barnett). Chris Hardwick better watch his back because Fred isn't just a handsome host -- he also has a hankering for human flesh.

According to Variety, The Walking Fred is a new Funny or Die web series that will recap each new episode of The Walking Dead. Many fans love the AMC show because it's about so much more than blood and gore. It explores the deep connections between the human survivors and how the zombie apocalypse transforms them into mere shadows of their former selves. However, Fred doesn't care about boring human emotions or whether Caryl will ever become the zombie apocalypse's hottest celebrity couple -- he'd rather talk about what's going on in the walkers' world.

There were certainly plenty of noteworthy walker moments for Fred to focus on in the latest episode of The Walking Dead. "Consumed" featured wriggling sleeping bag walkers, trapped tent walkers, and kamikaze walkers. You can check out the first installment of The Walking Fred below.

Fred will reportedly talk to actual actors from The Walking Dead in future webisodes and it will be interesting to see if all of Fred's guests are fellow zombies. He could ask some of Carl Poppa's zombie backup singers to serenade him, or perhaps Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian will appear on the show -- the longtime Walking Dead fan did recently get zombified.

According to Kerrang!, Ian is going to appear on the second half of The Walking Dead Season 5 as a zombie. The thrash rocker revealed that he's super excited about the prospect of getting his head smashed in by Rick Grimes.

"Just to see Andrew Lincoln standing there, it's surreal to watch him kill walkers … and I'm gonna be one of them. I'm just so f**king excited to be part of it."
Scott Ian previously played a walker in a Walking Dead webisode, and apparently he did such an amazing job that Greg Nicotero invited him back for the main event. However, Scott can't call himself a professional zombie yet -- in the behind-the-scenes video below, Ian talks to an actor named Alex who has played 50 different walkers on The Walking Dead. Perhaps Alex and Fred have competed for a few of the same roles.

Scott's video is a fascinating look at all the hard work that goes into creating the show's walkers, and it's also worth checking out because it features a clean-shaven Rick Grimes.

Are you looking forward to seeing more of Fred's recaps of The Walking Dead or would you rather see more behind-the-scenes videos like Scott Ian's transformation?

[Image credit: AMC]