Donald Trump Worth $7 Billion?

Donald Trump is worth $7 billion. That is, if you believe Donald Trump. In his new book, Time to Get Tough, the Donald gives an “accurate and truthful” report about his financial situation. Oh, Trump also hints at a possible presidential run.

According to Forbes, Trump’s worth was previously estimated to be between $250 million to $3 billion. Trump ranked at Number 128 on Forbes 400 list this year with an estimated worth of $2.9 billion. But Trump says that he’s worth a little more than that.

According to Trump, his exact worth is $7,004,900,000. The Daily Mail reports that $3 billion of that is “brand value.”

Trump writes:

‘The Trump Brand Value has been established by Predictive, the highly respected brand valuation company, measuring the financial impact of intangibles such as brand, strategy execution, innovation, and post-merger integration.”

Besides his brand, Forbes reports that Trump owns $1.37 billion in commercial properties, another $1.22 billion in private clubs, $652 million in co-owned properties, and $261 million in properties in development. Trump also has $270 million in cash and estimates that the Miss Universe pageant is worth about $20 million.

Here’s a rundown of Trump’s assets. Mortgage company Trump Financial / Trump Sales and Leasing / Trump University / Trump Restaurants / Menswear line Donald J. Trump Signature Collection / Donald Trump The Fragrance / Trump Ice bottled water / Trump Magazine / Trump Golf / Trump Institute / Trump The Game, a board game / Trump Vodka / Trump Steaks.

But Trump’s financials aren’t the only interesting aspect of Trump’s new book. The Donald also talks about how serious he was about running for president in 2012 and how he will likely run in the future.

Trump writes:

“‘I was so close (to running) that I had already prepared the Public Financial Disclosure Report required of a presidential candidate… Some people have yet to realize how serious I was, and am, about running for the White House.”

Do you think Donald Trump is really worth $7 billion?