Surgeon Nafees Hamid Guilty Of Sexually Assaulting Female Patients

After an eight week trial, a jury found Birmingham neurosurgeon Nafees Hamid guilty of nine serious sexual assaults against his female patients as reported by BBC News.

The 50-year-old award winning neurosurgeon proclaimed his innocence for the 15 charges of sexual offenses on ten female patients that were brought against him for the time period of 2009 to 2013. The assaults were said to have taken place at Queen Elizabeth and Priory Hospitals.

According to Birmingham Times, the Birmingham Crown Court was told, “Hamid had stripped the clothes from the victims and had carried out unjustifiable examinations for sexual kicks, while the prosecutor Jonas Hankin goes further to say that Hamid “ignored general medicine’s guidelines” while attacking his female patients.

Hamid swore to the court under oath that “some of the alleged attacks did not happen, while others were legitimate examinations which had been misconstrued” as reported by BBC News.

However, one of his female victims testified to quite the opposite. Hamid was convicted of assaulting this particular patient after she testified that she felt “frozen to the spot” as she was forcibly assaulted at the Priory Hospital in 2013. Her complaint to authorities led to Nafees Hamid’s arrest.

The patient, who is in her mid-twenties, remains anonymous to protect herself.

According to Hereford Times, Hamid, a highly acclaimed surgeon, was described in court as “a good surgeon but not a good man.”

At one point during the trial, the jury of ten had been unable to reach a unanimous verdict on a couple of the charges. That is when Judge Patrick Thomas stepped in and said he would accept verdicts on any undecided counts if at least nine jurors agreed. This resulted in Hamid being cleared of six of the 15 charges against four women, leaving him charged with nine counts of serious sexual assaults against six women.

Because of the serious charges for which Nafees Hamid has been found guilty, Bicester Advertiser reports that this well-to-do neurosurgeon was sentenced today and will spend the next sixteen years in jail.

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