Natalie Wood Witness Heard Screaming, Was Told to Keep Quiet

The case of Natalie Wood was reopened last week and a witness has come forward saying that she heard a woman screaming on the night that Wood drowned thirty years ago. The witness says that she also received a threatening note telling her to keep quiet about what she had heard on November 29th, 1981.

Marilyn Wayne said she heard a woman repeatedly screaming: “Help me, someone help me.”

Fox News reports that Wayne was on the water the night that Natalie Wood died. Wayne was aboard the Capricorn near Catalina Island in Southern California. Wayne says that she wasn’t the only one who heard the screams. Her boyfriend John Payne and her son also heard the woman’s cry for help.

Wayne said:

“A woman’s voice, crying for help from drowning awakened John, and he awakened me. Alarmed, I called out to my son, who also heard the cries, and looked at his new digital watch: it was just minutes after 11:00 P.M.”

Wood, a famous actress, drowned on Nov. 29, 1981. She was sailing off the coast of Catalina Island with her husband Robert Wagner, Christopher Walken, and boat captain Dennis Davern. The men on the boat are unclear about what happened to Wood. Walken said that she must have hit her head late at night and fell into the water.

But Wayne tells a different story. Wayne said:

“We called the sheriff’s office in Avalon and whoever answered told us a helicopter would be sent, but it did not come. We heard loud music coming from somewhere, so thought there was a party on a nearby boat. Then I heard a man’s voice, slurred, and in aggravated tone… “Oh, hold on, we’re coming to get you,” and not long after, the cries for help subsided, but we heard the cries for up to 15 minutes. We returned to bed, terribly disturbed.”


ABC News reports that police never interviewed Wayne during their initial investigations and shortly after Natalie Wood’s death Wayne received a threatening note telling her to keep queit.

Wayne said:

“After all I’ve learned since my own direct experience with the death of Natalie, I am stunned that Robert Wagner has never been properly interrogated in regards to Natalie Wood’s death. In my opinion, Natalie Wood’s case is one of the top most botched cases of the 20th century, and I am still willing to offer my assistance should you finally realize that this case needs what every death case deserves: a full and proper investigation.”

Wagner said that he supports the inquiry into Natalie Woods’ death. Wood was never charged with his wife’s murder and he is not currently a suspect.

Do you think there was foul play in the case of Natalie Wood?