Katy Perry To Host Saturday Night Live On Dec. 10

Singer Katy Perry has signed on to host Saturday Night Live on December 10. Katy has appeared on NBC’s sketch comedy in the past, including a guest appearance in September 2010 when Amy Poehler was hosting the sketch comedy show.

The last time Perry appeared on the show she had just been dropped from an episode of Sesame Street after wearing a “revealing low-cut” shirt while taping a segment for the children’s show. In her SNL sketch she poked fun at her appearance and the spot earned her plenty of praise for her ability to poke fun at herself.

Perry won’t be the first musician to host the sketch show, Justin Timberlake (several times), Britney Spears and even Sting have taken turns hosting the show along with various other musicians who have been lucky enough to make the cut.

Announcing her shot at hosting SNL Katy Perry tweeted:

“I’m SO excited 2 announce I’ll be HOSTING Saturday Night Live Dec. 10! This is the cherry on top and @robynkonichiwa is part of it!”

In case you missed it the first time around here’s her Sesame Street SNL spoof:

She already acts like a screwball in her music videos and her Sesame Street appearance shows that she doesn’t mind giving it her all, I for one will be interested to see how she does.

Will you be tuning in to watch the Fireworks singer put her best comedic foot forward?