Kristin Chenoweth And Dana Brunetti Split: 'It Was Just The Distance'

Jonathan Franks

Singer and actress Kristin Chenoweth is right back on the market!

Us Weekly reports that Kristin Chenoweth and Dana Brunetti have officially broken up, after spending less than a year together as a celebrity couple.

An inside source told Us Weekly that the 46-year-old Broadway actress and 41-year-old Oscar-nominated producer decided to call it quits primarily because of the distance that kept them separated due to their busy work schedules.

"It was just the distance. Dana's career is jetting off right now, and Kristin travelled a lot already and they just barely had time to see each other. He's producing 'House of Cards' now, speaking at conferences, and has to see his kid as well. Just didn't make sense for either party to continue."

Kristin Chenoweth and Dana Brunetti made their first public appearance as an official couple back in January, when they attended the Golden Globes together.

Reports confirm that Chenoweth actually brought Brunetti to the awards ceremony as her date. They were also spotted out in public together back in April, while they were in attendance at an event honoring House of Cards star Kevin Spacey, which was held by the Museum of Moving Image.

When Kristin Chenoweth recently appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman earlier this week, she did not seem very saddened over the breakup -- especially since she was able to maintain her comic timing and bright smile throughout the interview. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kristin Chenoweth made an appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman to primarily promote her upcoming live album, Coming Home.

While discussing the impressive cover art for her live album, David Letterman and Kristin Chenoweth both had a few jokes about the fact that Kristin's butt made a prominent appearance on the cover as well.

Kristin Chenoweth was even able to throw in a joke about Kim Kardashian and her controversial Paper Magazine cover while promoting her own album.

"The name of the album is 'Coming Home' and d*mmit if Kim Kardashian didn't ruin my day today."

Kristin Chenoweth then went on to explain that the concept of her Coming Home album cover focused primarily on the people from her hometown of Broken Arrow that were in the audience -- including her mother and father seated in the front row. However, David Letterman was able to deliver a sharp quip of his own.

"Yeah, but as a consumer, nobody's looking at the people from your hometown."

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