War Machine Laughs At Christy Mack During Her Emotional Testimony In Court

Former MMA fighter War Machine reportedly started laughing in court during Christy Mack’s emotional testimony.

The Daily Mail reports that the 33-year-old man was reprimanded by the judge after he started smirking as she described the numerous injuries that she suffered when he allegedly beat and sexually assaulted her.

The alleged attack occurred back in August of this year at the Las Vegas home of Christine Mackinday (also known as Christy Mack). The 23-year-old porn star was left with a broken nose, fractured rib, missing teeth, a ruptured liver, and 18 broken bones.

KLAS-TV reports that Jonathan Koppenhaver (also known as War Machine) started laughing shortly after the prosecutor asked Christy Mack, “Was there sexual violence?” and she responded with a “yes.”

The prosecutor even requested that the official court records notate War Machine’s reaction to Christy Mack’s testimony since he was “laughing and shaking his head.”

Even though Koppenhaver’s lawyer tried to object, the Clark County District Court judge responded by saying that he saw War Machine laugh as well.

Christy Mack and her friend, Corey Thomas, testified that they were beaten after War Machine found them together on August 8 at Christy’s home.

The New York Daily News reports that Corey Thomas described in his testimony that he suffered a broken nose during the attack in addition to a dislocated shoulder.

“My face was covered in dripping blood. She was very scared to death.”

Thomas stated that he was sleeping with Christy Mack on her bed fully clothed when Koppenhaver entered the room and started to attack them on the day in question.

During the hearing, the judge even added two felony charges to Koppenhaver’s case, including a charge alleging that War Machine raped Christy Mack at least one time more than alleged previously.

According to his lawyer, Brandon Sua, War Machine submit a “not guilty” plea when he is arraigned next week.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, War Machine wrote a lengthy note before he attempted suicide earlier this year, in which he accused Christy Mack of preparing lies that she would tell in court.

Within the same note, War Machine also spoke of the “b.s. fantasy charges” against him. He claimed that his former girlfriend was only interested in pursuing the charges to make money and gain more publicity and exposure.

The New York Daily News reports that Jonathan Koppenhaver (War Machine) is currently charged with battery, assault, attempted murder, open and gross lewdness, and strangulation.

[Image Credit: News.com.au & Miami Herald]