American Company Now Sells ‘ISIS Hunting Kits’ For The ‘Patriots’ With No Military Experience!

Tactical Sh*t

For most people, the terrorist element increased exponentially this year because of the rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Since becoming recognized, ISIS has brought terror to many living in the Middle East, especially the Yazidis. Though Americans have read about the atrocities committed by ISIS, many never thought of the terror being brought to the United States until it actually happened.

The Inquisitr has kept up with the latest news pertaining to ISIS in America. Those who are concerned about homeland security believe most of the terrorists are infiltrating the country through the southern border under the guise of illegal immigration. However, an ISIS black flag was raised in New York City followed by the arrest of alleged terrorists. The latter might suggest that ISIS has already been situated way before any concerns of them infiltrating arose. It doesn’t help that more murders through beheading have occurred right after news of ISIS in the United States started making their rounds.

Because of how radical and militant ISIS is, it is understandable why so many Americans are concerned (or afraid) of them. One American company, however, is taking an initiative to help those who want to take a stand against the terrorist organization. They are doing this by selling “ISIS Hunting Kits.”

According to an article by Daily Mail, an online company known as Tactical Sh*t is selling a special package consisting of a rapid assault plate carrier, armor plate, helmet, three mag pouches, hat, gloves, and a special patch that reads a line that is NSFW to write out in its entirety. It comes in the color options of black, green, and two desert colors titled “Coyote” and “Shellback Tactical Banshee.” All the kits are sold at an average of $215. From what the company states, the ISIS Hunting Kits were made to help “Patriots” with “limited experience” in arming themselves in case of an ISIS attack.

“Many Patriots without military or law enforcement experience have been asking for help in building their kit. This bundle makes it easy, just in time for hunting season.”

T.J. Kirgin, the marketing strategist of Tactical Sh*t, states they’ve been selling about ten to twenty kits per week. They even push the sale by stating to the consumer that the kits are a great way to bundle together several of their products at a big discount.

However, not everyone likes the ISIS Hunting Kits. Metro reports that the company doesn’t just sell tactical gear and weaponry, but other novelties such as shirts that read, “I Love Guns and Titties,” badges with slogans like “Pork Eating Crusader,” and a bottle of gun oil called “Liberal Tears.” As a matter of fact, The Inquisitr reported on two of their joke products: Ode de Goat’s A** and the ISIS calls. If both are used together, a clean kill to an ISIS terrorist is guaranteed. A video of the two joke products being used in action is attached below.

However, Metro made their opposing opinion clear in a sarcastic statement pertaining to the products the company sells written as the closer for their report.

“Clearly these are the types of people we want around with weapons.”

Now that you’ve read the article on an American company selling ISIS hunting kits, what are your opinions about it? Do you think they are truly trying to help Patriots or are they just cashing in on the fear Americans have for ISIS?

[Images via Tactical Sh*t]