‘The Walking Dead’: Why Daryl, Not Maggie, Is Looking For Beth

A gallery photo for The Walking Dead season 5 of Maggie

The Walking Dead Season 5 is finally addressing what happened to Beth after she was taken last season while on the road with Daryl, but after Daryl revealed that she was “gone” in Terminus, Maggie hasn’t seemed to be focused at all on finding her sister.

Daryl has done more to search for Beth than Maggie, and he and Carol were last seen taking off after a car marked like the one that took Beth before Carol ended up in that same hospital at the end of the Beth-centric Walking Dead “Slabtown” episode. However, executive producer Robert Kirkman has spoken to the Hollywood Reporter about just that and promised that they will explore Maggie and Daryl’s different approaches to the missing Beth.

“Maggie is aware that her sister is out there. Because of the nature of this world, she is probably a little bit more willing to admit that she is more than likely dead than Daryl is. That’s Daryl’s M.O. Daryl is somebody who wouldn’t stop looking for Sophia. He is not somebody that is going to accept reality in the way some of these other characters will.”

Kirkman also pointed out that Maggie hasn’t been openly grieving for her father either, and that’s because of everything else that is happening in the world of The Walking Dead. She did, after all, just find out that the mission she thought she was on – bringing Eugene to D.C. for the cure – is a lie. Watch that scene below.

This Sunday’s Walking Dead episode is going to be filling in what happened between Daryl and Carol chasing the car and Carol ending up in the hospital, and Kirkman told THR that in defense of Maggie’s behavior, she didn’t see the car, so she has no reason to think that she could find her sister right now.

“Daryl and Carol hadn’t gone on a mission to find Beth until they saw that car. …If Maggie had somehow been with Daryl in that scene, she would have been racing after that car just as intently as Daryl had. …We will be dealing with it in upcoming episodes and you’ll definitely see where Maggie stands on this. I do stand by the fact that the character’s behavior is very much in line with the way we’ve established her.”

“Consumed” is also going to see Daryl carrying a body wrapped in a white sheet and burning it, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. It’s still unknown whose body that is, but speculation is rampant. Watch a promo for the episode below.

With Carol and Daryl trying to rescue Beth and Carol ending up in the hospital with her, there could be a Beth and Daryl reunion on The Walking Dead soon. There are some fans who would like to see them pair off, and Zap2it spoke to Emily Kinney about the relationships on the show. She pointed out that fans are pretty quick to pair characters together because of one look or one scene, but she understands that since the series is about living, and there’s more to life than survival.

“Life isn’t just about surviving, it’s about love and experiences and connecting with other people, and art and music. I do think you see the characters just starving for that. We’re not just animals surviving in this apocalypse, we’re human beings trying to make sense of our lives and to have some sort of purpose and enjoyment, and love is one of the biggest ways to feel connected to life and to feel like your time means something.”

The Walking Dead season 5 airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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