Adorable 3-Year-Old Girl Thinks Santa Should Never Eat Alone [Video]

Gracie Lynn loves Santa. So when she saw him eating alone at a booth in an Evansville, Indiana, Bob Evans restaurant, she decided he needed some company.

Gracie soon joined the Santa look-alike — who had a flowing white beard, red suspenders, and wire-framed glasses — for breakfast after she asked her mom, Lindsey Wilson, if she could go keep Mr. Claus company.

The scene was so sweet that her mom snapped a picture of the two talking, and shared the photo and Gracie’s story with local Fox TV affiliate, WFIE, which — with Linsey’s permission — posted it on Facebook. The story of the toddler’s impromptu breakfast with Santa has been getting a lot of attention since then, and has been featured by national news outlets such as ABC and HLN.

Mom said that Gracie and Santa talked like they were old friends, and the sweet little girl even requested to go live with Santa and Mrs. Claus.

“She pulled up the chair and they just started having a conversation like they knew each other for years,” her mother said.

When Santa asked little Gracie what she wanted for Christmas this year, she didn’t ask for any presents. She said that she just wanted to meet her new little brother, James, who Mom will be delivering in a few weeks.

Santa was quite taken with Gracie too, telling her mom that she was pretty special and could expect a few nice surprises for Christmas this year.

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[Image Via ABC News Go]