Diem Brown Dies At 32: ‘The Challenge’ Star Loses Third Cancer Battle

'The Challenge' star Diem Brown died at age of 32

MTV The Challenge star Diem Brown has died at the age of 32. The reality TV star had spent the last few months battling her third round of cancer, and sadly this time she was unable to beat it. Updates from friends and family over the past few days had indicated that while Brown was not giving up hope, the situation was quite dire.

Us Weekly shares that Diem Brown died on Friday, November 14. Her passing came not long after she had posted on Twitter that she needed prayers and that her doctors had seemingly given up hope that she could beat the cancer. Her friend and E! Online correspondent Alicia Quarles had shared an update on Thursday that the previous night, doctors hadn’t necessarily expected Diem to last through the night. She had, and she was stable, but clearly it had become simply a matter of time.

Brown had beaten ovarian cancer twice before, the first time shortly before she initially joined The Challenge. Her second battle took place in 2012. This past summer, as People notes, cancer was found in Diem’s colon and stomach. It soon was also found in her lymph nodes and liver. Having previously created the site MedGift, the reality TV star turned to her own site to update fans and build support both emotionally and financially.

Diem aggressively battled the disease, never conceding that she may not be able to beat it. Clearly via her Twitter, right up until the end, she held out hope and conviction that she could find a way to conquer the disease once again. Sadly, this time, it simply wasn’t possible. The Challenge star was hospitalized for the final time last Sunday, and she spent her final days surrounded by family and friends as she received massive support from her fans online.

Not long ago, Diem was showing her determination by talking about her goals of eventually getting married and having a family. She said that she believed she was going to make it, and that while cancer had changed her, she was going to live each day to the fullest. Brown was honest about how difficult this third cancer battle was, but she never gave up hope that she would manage a miracle and beat it.

Fans and fellow cast members from The Challenge series adored Diem and shared a lot of support for her. Quarles had noted in her last update that Brown had asked for a prayer circle from her supporters and when told she definitely had one already, Brown said it was always good to have a reminder. Now those fans, cast members, friends, and family members mourn Diem Brown’s death at the age of 32 from this final cancer battle.

[Image via Diem Brown website]