'Destiny' Iron Banner Returns Next Week, Plus New Voice Chat Features

After an accidental start earlier this week, Bungie announced Thursday that the Iron Banner multiplayer event will return to Destiny. PlayStation and Xbox players can expect plenty of changes after the first Iron Banner bout was heavily criticized. The developer revealed the full details of these changes along with news that the long-awaited voice chat changes are coming next week as well.

Bungie plans to release the Iron Banner by the end of next week, pending new updates to Destiny being worked out. Community Manager David "Deej" Dague revealed the details on the previously promised improvements in a Weekly Update.

Your Guardian's level, gear, and weapons will actually matter this time around in the Iron Banner. At least, that is according to the plan below. The event is made for players over level 20, but don't expect for level 20 Guardians to be competitive with level 30, or even level 24 Guardians.

The changes to Iron Banner also include solutions to complaints over the gear that is rewarded for the event as well as addressing players who drop during matches. The rewards will be more rewarding and players will be able to reforge gear. Meanwhile, you earn a Medallion that can be converted to a reputation gain after your next win.

Power. Does. Matter! (no, really)
  • Only players Level 20 and above can lead a Fireteam
  • Players below Level 20 can accompany more powerful friends
  • Players within 3 Levels can be competitive with each other
  • Your DEFENSE rating affects how you take damage
    • Wear your best (highest rated) armor
    • Players out of your league will seem like a Boss
  • Your ATTACK rating affects how you inflict damage
    • Equip your best (highest rated) weapons
    • Lower-level players wielding fully-upgraded weapons should still be considered a very credible threat!
Claim victory to gain reputation.
  • Lord Saladin now has five ranks to obtain through victory
  • Your previous Iron Banner rank has been preserved
  • The Tempered buff is a twelve-hour boost in reputation gains
  • Activate Tempered later during the event to catch up faster
Acquire exclusive Iron Banner rewards.
  • Increase your Rank to unlock better gear
  • Reforge weapons to reset progression with new perks
  • Earn gauntlets and boots to move you closer to Level 30
  • See Lord Saladin for details!
Quitters never win.
  • Reputation gains are only awarded only to the winners
  • Defeat grants a token to be redeemed after a future win
  • You can carry up to five Iron Medallions at any time
  • Partial reputation gains are earned instantly upon victory
Strike while the Iron is hot.
  • Your reputation will be reset at the conclusion of this Iron Banner
  • Like any competitive activity, each new event is a chance to regain your standing
Destiny Strike Team Chat (PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360)

Also on the table is an update that opens up voice chat beyond Fireteams in the game. This will be a beta release and players will have the option to switch between Team Chat (for when you play with others through matchmaking) or Fireteam Chat as it is today. These two channels can be toggled when entering an area by bringing up the game's Navigation mode. There will also be an option to automatically join Team Chat when playing solo.

What do you think of these Iron Banner and voice chat changes for Destiny? Sound off in the comments below.