'Godfather' Mansion Gets A Face Lift And A For Sale Sign

The Godfather's mansion, a cozy English style Tudor on Staten Island, has been recently renovated to match the set of the 1972 film. Oh, and the mansion is for sale. Just make an offer that can't be refused, somewhere in the $2.9 million range, and the Godfather mansion can be yours.

The house was built in 1930 for Joseph Palma, who later became State Island Borough President, his wife, and their eleven children. Then, in 1951, the Norton family purchased the mansion and were the owners when it was put up on the silver screen 20 years later in the film, you guess it, The Godfather.

The mansion was discovered by Gianni Russo, who grew up in the area. Russo played the part of Carlo Rizzi, the Godfather's son-in-law.

Only the mansion's exterior was ever shown in the film. Many scenes were filmed around the house, with it being the backdrop to many special moments, including the wedding scene. During the filming, stage sets were created to depict the many rooms inside the mansion. Those sets are not needed anymore.

In 2012, the current owners bought the mansion for a mere $1.7 million. They spent the next couple of years renovating the home, making it resemble the set from The Godfather.

The mansion itself is 6,248 square feet, boasting seven bedrooms, five bathrooms, and sits on a 24,000 square foot lot.

SILive, a Staten Island local news source, spoke with Joseph R. Profaci, managing principal of the real estate agency, about the iconic Godfather mansion

"My favorite feature of the house is a door on the first-floor by the dining room that looks like an old wooden, 'speak easy' door that leads down to the basement where there is a pub and a game room, which really is the ultimate man cave. It has a big beautiful stone fireplace in it."
Yet, there is still so much more to the house, as every part of the house was touched during renovation. The mansion features an updated, gourmet kitchen, an expansive back yard, and a pool.

"The kitchen is to die for; it has anything you would want for entertaining -- big open space, a huge island, and a very large eating area that opens up to the yard and pool," Profaci said.

The neatest aspect of the home may be the remodeled first floor office. The owners recreated the somewhat foreboding office that was so prominent in The Godfather.

Don Corleone, the Godfather, would approve of the changes made to, well, his fabulous mansion.

At $2.89 million, the Godfather mansion is a steal, right?

[Image Via The New York Post]