Emma Stone Garners Rave Reviews For Broadway Debut

Emma Stone hits broadway hart

Emma Stone is well known as a Hollywood starlet. If the reviews of her broadway debut continue to be as glowing once she’s performed a while, Emma might think about switching over to the stage. Stone debuted on Tuesday in the play Cabaret, taking on the role of Sally Bowles. Emma took over the role from another actress who is better known for her time on the screen: Michelle Williams.

Like Williams before her, it appears that the role of Sally was one Stone was able to step into quite well. The Mail Online said that Emma Stone’s performance was a “triumph,” despite having the tough act of Williams to follow. While there were a number of people who said it was rather obvious the actress was suffering through some first night jitters, almost everyone agreed she finished up a great performance.

Emma will be a part of the cast of the Sam Mendes-directed Cabaret for the next three months and her run will end on February 1. Stone will then likely return to the big screen, and in particular will likely return to shooting yet another Spider Man movie alongside her boyfriend Andrew Garfield. Garfield, it turns out, played the part of the supportive boyfriend by being in attendance at Stone’s debut.

“Andrew came sharply dressed in a suit,” a source who attended the show told Us Weekly. “Andrew came backstage after the show with Emma’s mother and his guests. He kissed her and congratulated her.”

The couple actually met on the set of Garfield’s first turn as a superhero in The Amazing Spiderman and have been dating since 2011. While Emma and Andrew have had to overcome rumors that their relationship has hit the skids, Stone and Garfield looked plenty happy as they spent the evening after the show together.

The couple are no strangers to collective success on Broadway. Emma’s beau took a turn in an adaptation of Death of a Salesman alongside the late Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Stone’s boyfriend earned himself a Tony award for that performance. While it’s obviously too early for the once blonde and now back to red-headed actress to be talked about for that kind of an award, it seems likely the talk might begin if her performances continue to be this well loved.

The actress has already shown an ability to take on a number of different roles over her career. It appears moving to live performances wasn’t very hard for Emma Stone either.