Are Monster Energy Drinks The Spawn Of Satan?

Monster Anti-Christian

A mysterious woman has claimed that Monster energy drinks are the spawn of Satan. Although she has not revealed her identity, the women appeared in a video to share her findings with the rest of the world.

The video, which was filmed by ThatGuyBlev, was meant as a serious warning. However, the bizarre allegations have gained a lot of negative attention.

In her video, the woman claims the Monster energy drink logo carries a hidden anti-Christian message. In her opinion, the prominent “M” is not a letter at all. The woman explains that the “M” is composed of three separate lines, which each resemble Vav. In Hebrew, the letter Vav has a numerical value of 6. As the “M” is designed with three separate lines, the woman said it clearly stands for 666 — the mark of the beast.

As reported by ABC 7, the woman believes the Monster energy drink slogan “Unleash the Beast,” proves her claim about the logo.

The woman also focuses on the letter “O” in Monster, which is bisected with a vertical line. In the woman’s opinion, the line is not a line. As explained in the video, the line is actually a cross — which conveys another ominous message.

As discussed in the video, Monster “is not a Christian company at all.” Therefore, the “cross” is obviously an inverted crucifix — which is inherently anti-Christian.

The mysterious woman concludes her tirade with a grim warning.

“Bottom’s up. And the devil laughs… This is how clever Satan is and how he gets into the Christian home and a Christian’s life.”

Although the video was certainly unusual, a majority of viewers took the claims with a grain of salt. However, the camera man claims he has “received death threats since posting the video to YouTube.”

The woman further claims that the letters “BFC” and “MILF,” which are printed on Monster energy drink packaging, are also anti-Christian. As stated in the video, BFC reportedly stands for “Big F***ing Can,” and MILF stands for another popular phrase that contains the word “f***.” The woman claims that by using “f-word,” Monster has identified themselves as an anti-Christian company.

Although the woman’s claims may seem unusual, she is not alone. As evidenced on YouTube, there are numerous Christians who also believe Monster energy drinks are the spawn of Satan.

[Image via Slodive]