Facebook Stabbing: Texas Woman Lures Victim Out, Steals Her Baby

A recent Facebook stabbing resulted from a Texas woman luring her victim out. When Leslie Escobar Perez responded, Adriana Lisa Castillo Perez proceeded to attack and steal her baby.

Authorities say the two women are not related, despite sharing the surname Perez.

Adriana had allegedly invited Leslie of Shamrock to her home in Canadian with the promise of free baby clothes, a crib, and other items on Monday. If was part of an elaborate plan involving a Facebook community which centered around buying and selling. She was determined to kidnap a child, and soon saw Leslie’s status update claiming she had just had a baby. This was allegedly when Adriana contacted her and set up the meeting.

Upon meeting Leslie, Adriana proceeded to stab her several times before fleeing with Abcde Perez.

Leslie was found outside, where she had crawled, when authorities found her. The hunt for the Facebook stabbing suspect began when a neighbor told them a suspicious car was seen earlier that day.

Senior Trooper Daniel Hawthorne with the Department of Public Safety stated what happened from there, according to The Pampa News.

“Police discovered that Leslie had been murdered and that her 2-week-old baby was missing. They got a description of a vehicle at the scene from a neighbor and an all-points bulletin was sent out to surrounding counties.”

Adriana Perez was stopped later that night by a Gray County Sheriff’s deputy as she was driving to Pampa. The deputy found the murder weapon and the baby in her possession, and the baby had not been injured.

Adriana Perez was given a life sentence after pleading guilty to capital murder. Amarillo News says her defense attorney Maxwell Peck agreed with the sentence.

“We got to a point legally where we felt like if we could resolve the case for life without the possibility of parole, that’s what needed to happen. And, thankfully, the victim’s family felt like that was enough justice for them and the district attorney agreed and our client agreed to accept responsibility.”

The Facebook stabbing victim’s mother, Anna Garcia, was also satisfied with the killer’s sentence, though it created a rift in the family.

“I think I feel pretty good. I’m glad she got what she deserved. It’s not going to take my pain away, but, I know she’s going to be where she won’t hurt nobody else.

“We’ve been through a lot. Our family kind of separated over this. We really don’t talk. We suffer a lot. We don’t sleep, eat. We argue a lot. … Maybe now that everything’s settling down we can get back together again, to the family we used to be. It won’t ever be the same, because now there’s somebody missing there, but maybe we can get through it now.”

The Facebook stabbing has been legally avenged, but the family of Leslie Perez suffered a serious blow it will take time to come to peace with.

[Image via 2nix Studio / Shutterstock.com]