Fun Turns Into Fear As People Get Lost In World’s Biggest Corn Maze, Forced To Call 911

Cool Patch Pumpkins

Do you know that, in rural parts of the country, one form of entertainment is the chance to traverse through a maze made within a corn field? Corn mazes are actually very popular here in the United States, especially in major rural areas. The Inquisitr actually reported numerous times on corn mazes, including a list of five of the best corn mazes anyone may attempt. There are even themed corn mazes, such as the one based off of the hit television cartoon series Family Guy.

In general, corn mazes are supposed to be a lot of fun, but if its design is too big, there is a possibility of people getting lost. Unfortunately for some people, that is what happened as they got lost in the World’s Biggest Corn Maze, which prompted them to actually call 911.

According to an article by ABC News, it reports that the Solano County Sheriff’s Office released phone calls revealing just how frantic visitors at the Cool Patch Pumpkins in Dixon, California, react when they get lost in the World’s Biggest Corn Maze. The situation turned grim for visitors when they couldn’t even find the edge of the 63-acre maze. One caller actually made the following statement that expresses his despair.

“I don’t know what to do anymore. We’ve been in here like four hours.”

Another woman told the dispatcher that she’d been stuck in the maze for hours with her kids. Then another caller expressed his fears that the Cool Patch Pumpkins farm would close and leave them stranded in the maze.

“We’re stuck and they close at 10. We’re very worried and we can’t find a way out.”

The Solana County Sheriff’s Office is used to this situation because many people before have called them for help in the past when the get lost in the World’s Biggest Corn Maze. As a matter of fact, the sheriff’s office got up to five calls just this year alone. It should be reported however that most of the time, people get lost in the maze because they think they can get through it without the aid of a map which are always readily available.

In another article by Daily Mail, it reports specific details about this year’s version of the World’s Biggest Corn Maze. As written earlier, it is 63 acres in size but that is 20 more acres than last year. Matt Cooley is the one who runs the maze, but the man who designs it is his brother, as verified in Matt’s statement.

“My brother, who designs the maze, wants to make it bigger and better.”

Unfortunately, because of all the 911 calls this year, Matt Cooley believes that the World’s Biggest Corn Maze might have surpassed a point of actually being too big. As a result, Matt has stated that next year they might scale back the size just a little bit.

If you want to see just what its like to traverse the World’s Biggest Corn Maze, The Flirty Vlog YouTube channel actually has a video of a group of people going through the maze with a GoPro camera. It is embedded below for your viewing.

What do you think about the World’s Biggest Corn Maze? Would you attempt to traverse it?

[Image via Cool Patch Pumpkin Official Facebook Page]