Corn Maze Time? These Five Are Exceptional

If you’re thinking about a corn maze as part of your fall activities, here are some of the most incredible ones you’ll see this year. These maze designs range from sports team fandom to pride in local hospitals and fire departments, and all of them are incredible works of art in their own right. Scroll on, and get lost in these great corn field designs.

First, there’s this corn maze, located at Seiple Farms in Bath, Pennsylvania. It’s a tribute to St. Luke’s University Health Network. The maze boasts 2.5 miles of paths, covering over 18 acres. At various checkpoints, a maze navigator will find trivia about the hospital and the human body. It just opened to the public Saturday.

Corn Maze in Pennsylvania

Next, check out this maze and Barton Hill Farms, in Bastrop, Texas. The corn maze is a giant cheer for the Texas Longhorns, and looks like as much of a navigational challenge as it is a work of art. It also opened Saturday, and is accompanied by a Fall Festival, including pumpkin painting, steer dummy roping, a barrel train, and of course, food.

Barton Hills corn maze - go longhorns!

The corn maze at Ring Farm, in Columbia, Tennessee, won’t be open to the public until Thursday, but it celebrates 57 years of local heritage. It’s designed around an image of a fire truck that the city of Spring Hill is restoring. The truck is a classic from 1957, being restored through a local community effort. Here’s the beautiful corn maze depicting the truck, known as Fire Belle.

Ring Farms corn maze brings awareness to Fire Belle restoration.

The corn maze at Irons Mill Farmstead in New Wilmington, Pennsylvania, is a tribute and thanks to hockey legend Mario Lemieux. After being diagnosed with Hodgkins disease in 1993, Lemieux started the Mario Lemieux Foundation to help find a cure for cancer, and to improve the hospital experience for kids. Irons Mills designed this year’s corn maze as a declaration of their support and appreciation for the foundation and its efforts.

Corn maze thanks Mario Lemieux

The corn maze at Bridgemont Farm, in Mount Jackson, Virginia, boasts that it’s the largest corn maze in the Shenandoah Valley. This year, to commemorate the vary rainy summer, the maze is designed to depict Noah’s Ark, complete with a dove bearing an olive branch. Does that mean the rain is finally over?

Noah's Ark floated up in a corn maze at Bridgemon Farm

Are you planning to include a corn maze in your fall festivities? Is it as elaborate as the ones above? Join the conversation in the comments to tell us about your favorite corn maze experience.

[Photos: St. Luke’s, Barton Hill Farms, Spring Hill, Irons Mill Farmstead, Bridgemont Farms, miss604]

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