No Kardashian Christmas Card This Year, Folks — Here’s What They’ll Be Sending Out Instead

2014 kardashian christmas card

Excited about getting a Christmas card from the Kardashian family this year? Get ready for some major disappointment because Kris Jenner and the Keeping Up With the Kardashians clan will not be sending out their annual holiday card — not to you or anyone else who is hoping to get one of the family’s glamorous, and often over-the-top, greeting cards.

US Weekly reports that the Kardashian-Jenner family‘s yearly Christmas card photo shoot is not going to happen. While many fans probably assume that the card was nixed this year because Kris and Bruce split up or because Khloe can’t decide if she’s in or out of a relationship with rapper French Montana, there’s a really simple explanation.

Kim Kardashian, who has been busy showing off her famous rear end on the new issue of Paper magazine, tells Glamour UK that there won’t be a 2014 Kardashian Christmas card because the reality TV family simply “ran out of time.”

Mostly because the Kardashians are the busiest family on the planet.

Before you start pulling out your old Kardashian Christmas cards and get ready to sing your best rendition of Barbara Streisand’s song, The Way We Were, there is some good news.

Kim announced during her interview with Glamour that there will be a 2015 Kardashian family New Year’s card. Excited? Kim’s excited about it, too — although it’s likely that most KWTK fans will have to view the card in the tabloids unless they are really well connected and on the mailing list.

“What we’re going to do is, at our Christmas party we have this amazing photo booth, so we’re going to do like a compilation and do a New Year’s card. So we’re all going to get together at the beginning of the party and make sure that we all get photos together and do this whole thing.”

Kim explains that the whole crew is “kinda sad” that they won’t be putting out a holiday card this year, but they just “couldn’t get it together.”

Of course, the reality TV stars’ New Year’s card probably won’t have a fancy backdrop or a theme like their Christmas cards from previous years did, but there is no doubt it will be unique, just like the Kardashians.