Bruce Jenner Shaves Legs, Shows Them Off In Short White Shorts And Cow Print Slippers

Rumors that Keeping Up with the Kardashians star Bruce Jenner is slowly transitioning into a woman were fueled once again when he stepped out of a Los Angeles Starbucks sporting very short shorts and baby smooth legs. Not only were his legs hair free, he completed his bizarre look with cow print slippers and his signature ponytail.

The Daily Mail states that a source inside the LA Starbucks noted that Jenner was “acting feminine” inside the coffee shop on Tuesday. His smooth legs were also quite noticeable, especially because his shorts showed off a good portion of his legs.

“Bruce was acting feminine as he waited inside the coffee shop. What was most eye-catching were his legs, they looked especially shiny and smooth for a man.”

While some men don’t have extremely hairy legs, Bruce had much manlier legs back in 1976 when he won an Olympic gold medal for the Decathlon. While some hair loss is common with aging, Jenner’s legs look totally hair-free in his latest photos.

Bruce Jenner, 64, has never commented on his evolving style, but his hairless legs add to the rumors that Bruce is heading for a total sex change. Months ago, he reportedly had his Adam’s Apple surgically reduced and grew his hair out, often sporting a high ponytail in public. The Daily Mail reports that Jenner has also been spotted “showing off feminine fingernails,” and has made it know that he prefers to be called “Bridget.”

Could gender reassignment be next for the Olympian turned reality star? While his estranged wife, Kris Jenner, has repeatedly stated that stories about her Bruce were made up by the media, one has to wonder if she’s covering his desire to be a woman for the sake of the couple’s two daughters, Kendall and Kylie.

Hollywood Life reported back in April that Jenner had several conversations with his friend, transgender right advocate Renee Richards, but there is no word on what they discussed. However, it was reported that he picked out the name “Bridget” after his conversation with Richards, leading many to believe that they had indeed discussed gender reassignment surgery.

Do you think KUWTK star Bruce Jenner is slowly making changes to his appearance so he will have an easy transition if he chooses to have transgender surgery? Or could it be that he is just making bizarre choices when it comes to clothing and hair? Does he simply have a fondness for hair-free legs?

[Images: The Daily Mail, Wikimedia]