George Clooney Names His Favorite Films of 2011

George Clooney’s had a productive 2011. The 50-year-old actor starred in, directed, produced, and co-wrote political drama The Ides of March, and has a new film, The Descendants, opening on Wednesday in Los Angeles.

Yet to his credit, the actor-director-producer-writer-tea boy (probably) still has time to sit down and watch the work of others. Speaking to The Envelope, Clooney talked about the performances and films he’s loved this year, revealing:

“Jean Dujardin [in The Artist]. Because it’s not just the style of the film, it’s that his performance was so elegant and fun. He just jumps off the screen, and he’s so good, and I thought that was a spectacular performance.”

The Artist, a black-and-white silent film set in 1920s and ’30s Hollywood, is gaining plaudits by the bushelful right now from the critics, but audiences will have to wait until November 25th before it hits theaters.

Clooney also had some kind words for his friend and Oceans Thirteen co-star Brad Pitt (who will be no doubt relieved to know I agree with Clooney – Pitt’s a sorely underestimated actor):

“You know what [else] I just saw that I really liked — I thought I’d like it anyway because they’re all friends of mine — but I really liked ‘Moneyball.’ You know I’m still a baseball nut. It’s really good. Brad [Pitt] is one of those actors that I think is always sort of underestimated … and the truth is he’s really good in that movie.”

While us mere mortals are waiting to see The Artist, what do you make of Clooney’s choice of Moneyball and appraisal of Pitt?