Tom Brady Accomplishes Multiple Milestones in Victory Over Jets

New England Patriots QB Tom Brady put together a game for the record books Sunday night (Nov. 13), in his team’s 37-16 victory over the New York Jets.

Midway through the fourth quarter of the game, Brady cracked the 300 yards passing mark for the 40th time in a regular-season game, breaking a tie with Hall of Famer Joe Montana for eighth on the NFL’s list.

In addition, Brady, 34, also became the second NFL quarterback to reach the 3,000-yard plateau after just nine games of a season – Drew Brees accomplished earlier this year – and the 7th to accumulate 117 wins as a starter Tying Joe Montana).

The records don’t stop there however, as lost amidst the slew of other milestones reached was that the Patriots’ win over the Jets was Tom Brady and Bill Belichick’s 117th career victory as a QB-coach tandem, which lifted them ahead of Dan Marino and Don Shula and into No. 1 on the all-time list.

In an interview on WEEI Radio on Monday, Tom Brady took a little time to brag on his infamous coach, saying:

“There’s so many things I’ve learned from him over the years about mental toughness,” Brady explained during his weekly interview on the Boston sports radio station. “His ability to stay even-keeled through the wins and the losses. I remember the year that we went undefeated, you never would have thought we were undefeated. You would have thought we were 0-16 the way that he coached us…He doesn’t ride those highs and lows and he comes in every week with a goal in mind. All the guys who play for him really appreciate that and appreciate his consistency and appreciate the way that he listens to the team as well.”

“Believe me, I appreciate every day showing up to work and having him as our head coach.There’s no [other] coach I’d ever want to play for.”

via Washington Post