Kelly Ripa’s Parenting Insight Strikes A Chord: I’m Their Mom, Not Their Best Friend

Kelly Ripa tells many fun stories on her show, Live With Kelly and Michael, but she opened up in a slightly more serious way during her recent appearance on The Wendy Williams Show. As fans know, Kelly and her husband Mark Consuelos have three children, and she revealed a bit about her parenting style in her chat with Williams.

As Us Weekly shares, Kelly Ripa’s parenting approach with her kids doesn’t mean that she tries to be their best friend. Ripa says regarding her teen daughter, Lola, that she doesn’t think her daughter necessarily likes her, but she doesn’t care. She says she’s Lola’s mom, not her friend. This is some insight that many can happily embrace in a day where it’s easy to find parents who seem to do otherwise.

Ripa shared that recently Lola had broken some rules regarding using her cellphone during study time, and the 13-year-old had to go without her phone and internet access for a bit as a result. Fans of Live With Kelly and Michael hear a lot of stories about Kelly and Mark’s kids, and it’s not secret that Lola has a spicy and spunky side. Kelly never seems to let it push her buttons too much, though, and it would seem that the approach is working.

Kelly and Mark also have Michael, 17, and Joaquin, 11, and she thinks they are very fair parents. Ripa says that they give their kids certain freedoms, but they have clear expectations as well. Kelly may be known for her sense of humor and snark on the show, even when she’s telling stories about her kids. She’s always one to let loose whether it’s the show’s Halloween episode or stories about her recent move. However, it’s clear that in her personal life, she takes parenting very seriously.

The talk show host and former soap star also shared, as noted by Yahoo! News, that she feels that it’s her obligation as a mom to ensure her kids are living in the real world. Kelly also joked that Lola was busted being on Instagram while she was studying Spanish, and that’s the one subject she’s not allowed to fail given her heritage.

Mark and Kelly’s kids get sensitive at times being talked about on television, but fans love to hear the stories both good and bad. Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos have been in front of cameras since before they even got together as a couple, so viewers have heard a lot about Michael, Lola, and Joaquin over the years. While the stories are often of a humorous nature, Live With Kelly and Michael fans love hearing Kelly Ripa’s more serious parenting insights as well.

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