Liam Hemsworth Post-Miley: ‘I’m Happier Around Jennifer Lawrence’

Jennifer Lawrence is not only saving the world in the latest installment of The Hunger Games: Mockinjay, she’s also being credited with saving her co-star Liam Hemsworth following his break-up with Miley Cyrus.

“For a few years I went down a path where I forgot to be in the moment and enjoy the moment,” Hemsworth told the Associated Press. “But being around someone like Jen, who is so honest and laughs all day long, I am forced to be in the right now. I’m much happier.”

Hemsworth broke off his engagement with pop star Cyrus, 21, in late 2013. Since then the actor has appeared in several big budget films, including The Hunger Games, where he also struck up a friendship with Lawrence and another fellow co-star Woody Harrelson.

According to Us Weekly, “Hemsworth (Gale) and Harrelson (who plays Haymitch in the movies) became regulars at a local dive bar called the Corner Tavern. The two pals also hit up Paris nightclubs with Jeffrey Wright while filming the franchise in Europe. Hemsworth and Lawrence, 24, meanwhile, toured Berlin by bike during their days off.”

Perhaps Hemsworth can return the favor for Lawrence, who is in the middle of her own relationship crisis at the moment. Jennifer opened up to French magazine Madame Figaro recently, describing the kind of qualities she’s looking for in a man, mentioning that dependability is tops on her list.

“Someone who is capable of being consistent,” Lawrence said. “Otherwise, I might as well stay single!”

It’s that last remark that have many speculating as of late. Jennifer was dating her X-Men co-star Nicholas Hoult for some time, but as reported by Inquistr, that relationship hit the skids amid rumors that Hoult was cheating on her with Kristen Stewart. She then began reportedly dating Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, but that relationship seemed to have also hit the skids recently.

However, now it’s become unclear if that’s truly the case. As reported by Inquistr, it seems Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence will attend the Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 premiere together, fueling speculation that they have reprised their relationship.

And it doesn’t stop there. According to the Daily Mirror, Lawrence “kept a low profile as she drove her black Cadillac CTS into [Chris Martin’s] gated property in Malibu, California.”

The article continued, “JLaw, 24, stayed inside the star’s pad for two hours, although it is not known if he was home at the time, before she drove back out again and kept her head down while passing other traffic. She didn’t seem too pleased to have been spotted and it’s not known what the reason for her visit was – hopefully they’re patching things up, or they haven’t split at all, fingers crossed!”

The Hunger Games: Mockinjay Part 1, starring Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth, opens November 21, 2014.

[Jennifer Lawrence/Liam Hemsworth photo via International Business Times]