Michael J. Fox Recreates ‘Back to the Future’ Scene at Parkinson’s Benefit

While the intervening two decades since Michael J. Fox reigned 80’s pop culture with his sci-fi hit Back to the Future have had some ups and downs for the actor, a side by side comparison reveals Fox has aged very mildly since his youthful years starring in the film trilogy.

Fox recreated one of the pivotal scenes from the first and most popular BTTF film over the weekend, at a benefit to raise awareness for Parkinson’s Disease. Fox took the stage during the A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Cure Parkinson’s benefit at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel in Manhattan Saturday and performed the song he’s best known for singing along to during the “Enchantment Under the Sea” dance in the movie.

Fox was diagnosed with early-onset Parkinson’s Disease back in 1991 while filming the movie Doc Hollywood. Since his diagnosis, Fox has slowed down acting, taking some voice-over roles and some guest starring bits on shows like Scrubs and his hilarious turn in the most recent season of Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm. (Spoiler alert: The final episode of the season actually hinged on Larry being banned from New York by Mayor Bloomberg after a series of minor disagreements with Fox- playing himself- culminated in what appeared to be Larry mocking Fox’s condition at a ceremony where Fox was honored for raising Parkinson’s awareness.)

More recently, the actor- who received an honorary doctorate last year for his help in advancing research into Parkinson’s Disease- has been doing voice work on the Disney hit Phineas and Ferb.