WWE News: The Rock And Vince McMahon Versus The Authority Possible For WrestleMania 31?

Rock Triple H SmackDown

In a new, surprising report, it appears that The Rock could wrestle at WrestleMania yet again. Word has it that what we saw on WWE RAW this past week with Vince McMahon getting involved in The Authority’s business may not have been a random thing. It appears that this was the beginning of a major storyline that will culminate at WrestleMania 31.

Last year, there was a proposed storyline with Vince McMahon and The Authority. It was going to be he or a potential representative taking on Triple H and Stephanie for full authority over WWE. The rumored representative was going to be Stone Cold Steve Austin for McMahon. This would have led to a Triple H/Austin match, which many wouldn’t complain about. The Rock was said to be a second choice for this, but he would never have been able to do so due to his movie schedule at the time. Meanwhile, Austin just had surgery a bit before, so he was out as well.

The story never went down, which may have been for the best. The Daniel Bryan build-up and matches at WrestleMania were good, and WWE fans got what they wanted in the end, so it worked out better for WWE to cut this story in favor of another.

Many think that the story may have happened had CM Punk not left the WWE. The proposed CM Punk/Triple H match that seemed stupid at the time would probably have been a major storyline. This was probably proposed to Punk, but he clearly declined.

Now that The Rock and Austin are free enough to work WrestleMania, the stars might have aligned enough to try this storyline.

Austin is said to be returning to WWE in early 2015, and many think he could be there for an authoritarian role to take the place of the current Authority for a bit, rather than a wrestling role. Meanwhile, a major rumor was set up last month when The Rock and Triple H had an altercation on SmackDown.

Vince Authority

Rock and Triple H teased a potential match at WrestleMania, and while many saw this as simply a tease for Attitude Era fans, the match could still happen.

The current rumor out of The Wrestling Observer is that due to Rock’s schedule being open, barring press events he has to do for movies such as Furious 7, he could be willing to work another match. Vince already set up the potential for this on RAW, and The Rock and Triple H teased the potential match as well. That means WWE could be planting seeds slowly to build into this match.

The one thing Rock runs into is movie studios not wanting him to work a match. Due to an injury from his last match, Rock missed press events and even delayed Hercules production. Many feel if he wrestles, he risks getting hurt and stalling another production or missing necessary press events. So the schedule might be open, but Rock would risk angering people if he wrestled and got hurt again. Still, Rock is a star in Hollywood, and he is guaranteed to bring in $50 million and up for anything. That said, Rock could do this and people will still hire him because of his abilities at the box office.

Due to the fact that Vince can represent The Rock when he is not on TV and Rock only having to appear for a few months and one match, the schedule would not be too tough to handle for anyone. Plus, it is only one match for Rock, and against one of the safest workers in WWE. He risks far less than before. While only a rumor for now, the match seems like it could happen. However, the role Steve Austin plays in any of this is up in the air. He might be a good placeholder for an authority figure until after WrestleMania is up. Who knows?

The only thing we know for now is that WWE does seem to have planted some seeds. Whether or not anything comes out of this is unknown, as WWE could cut a storyline at any point. If this does go down, WWE could have a really cool way of bringing back Rock and giving fans a match that we have wanted to see for some time now. So I’m sure most WWE fans hope this will go down.

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