WWE News: Triple H vs The Rock At WrestleMania 31 Hinted At During WWE SmackDown Taping

WWE is known for doing some interesting things that make you either cheer loudly or scratch your head a bit. This is a good thing at least somewhat, as it keeps us on our toes all the time. WWE SmackDown celebrates it’s 15th Anniversary this week, something that few TV shows have had the ability to say. SmackDown is second in TV History in episodes run. The only show in front of it, WWE RAW.

It seemed like WWE wanted to make the show special, so they have given us some cool surprises. WWE dropped a big hint that was not rumored anywhere before the tapings as even a concept for Rock. The company hinted at a Triple H vs The Rock match next year at WrestleMania 31. While most feel this would be weird to see, many think that WWE could do a match similar to Undertaker/Triple H.

The Rock and Triple H have faced off hundreds of times. They know each other very well. Both men are draws, without a doubt. Whether you like or hate either, they both have their fans. Due to this, many feel that WWE could make a big match with the two. Triple H is a full time TV figure, so he is by no means part-time. Meanwhile The Rock is. However, the last few matches he has had at WrestleMania were big for WWE and brought them millions of dollars.

Most feel that if WWE went with a Triple H/Rock match, WWE would benefit greatly from it.

The Rock has asked specifically to work with his cousin, Roman Reigns. The issue is that WWE has big plans for Reigns both heading into WrestleMania 31 and at the event itself. That means that Rock/Reigns simply cannot happen. Another match that was rumored was The Rock vs Brock Lesnar. Coincidentally enough, the rumored opponent for Reigns at WrestleMania is Lesnar. That would mean a Brock/Rock match would be out of the cards.

The Rock Mania

If The Rock did want to come back, really the only major match he could have with someone right now is Triple H. He has faced John Cena numerous times, and most do not want to see a third match. Rock cannot take on the two obvious choices, and he cannot face off with most of the people that would make sense for him. That leaves Triple H if Rock wants to have a match at all. We do not know if Rock can even do it sadly, but it appears likely.

Rock’s movie schedule was stacked last year, and the fact he was able to make it to WrestleMania at all was big for the company. Currently, Rock does not have any movie projects that he is working on. His movies San Andreas and Fast and Furious 7 are both in post-production and would be coming out next year at some point. Fast 7 is almost certain to be a summer film.

The only thing that hurts The Rock as far as scheduling goes is that he will be playing Black Adam for DC Comics/Warner Bros in a Shazam (also known as Captain Marvel) movie. The movie has not been officially given a release date and it is uncertain if a full script is ready to go for filming yet. Most would expect filming to begin in the summer of next year or slightly before, as it would give writers plenty of time to finish everything up. The weird issue they are having to face is that if filming started next year and Warner Bros wanted to release in 2016, it could clash with Batman v Superman. So this movie could be a tail end 2016 film or a summer of 2017 film.

Regardless that leaves a big hole in Rock’s schedule from January to April, a perfect time period for a return. Rock made his first WWE RAW appearance in over a year this past Monday. Fans still have big love for Rock, so clearly WWE wants to do all they can to bring the former WWE Champion into the company come January. What do you think about his potential match?

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