WWE News: Pro-Wrestling Legend Threatens Former WWE Superstar The Rock

When you’re a popular star, it seems everyone is gunning after you, including guys who are far past their prime who want to get some notice. Former WWE Superstar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was with WWE for a little over half a decade full time. He was one of WWE’s most popular stars in his time. In fact, many could arguably call him the most popular WWE Superstar of all time. If you aren’t familiar with his wrestling, you know his movies. Literally, The Rock could be one of the most popular entertainers in the world. His name has no barriers.

Due to this popularity, it seems as if a former WCW/NWA stand-out and Japanese native The Great Muta wanted to get a big of publicity off of The Great One. According to Yahoo Japan, The Rock is scheduled to be in Japan to promote the DVD/Blu-ray release of his film Hercules later this month. Muta told Yahoo Japan that he planned to “attack” The Rock when he came to Japan.

This was potentially something to help Muta get press for Wrestle-1, his Japanese promotion that also has a partnership with TNA Wrestling. This will be the first time in 12 years that The Rock will be in Japan, so obviously he didn’t want to take a plane ride over just to get attacked. I’d expect security to be tight for Rock knowing some Wrestle-1 guys could be at potential signings.

Obviously, WWE will help in promoting The Rock’s movies or outside material. That means if something were to happen to him overseas, not only would the entire news world cover it, but WWE would certainly speak of it. Most feel that neither Muta nor his Wrestle-1 roster will do any harm to The Rock. However, as WWE and The Rock can tell you, sometimes things just happen, and you get attacked.

The Rock is famous, and when you have the fame target on your back, you are sadly subject to all sorts of random publicity stunts. His name is now once again out in the public spectrum.

The Rock made a surprise comeback to WWE Monday Night RAW this past Monday. Scheduling lined up for Rock, as he was set to be in New York for a meeting or two, and WWE RAW happened to be in Brooklyn, New York, the same day.

It all ended up working out to see The Rock on TV again, this amidst rumors he and WWE were on bad terms. They seem to be just fine if Rock is doing random returns just because he can. Whether he is doing a random return to WWE or getting potentially attacked by a Japanese wrestling legend, The Rock seems like he is just good with going with the flow. Really, it works for the name he possess. I’m sure he’s willing to tell Muta to “Just Bring It.”

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