Dean Ambrose: After WWE RAW In Brooklyn, NY, Has The Lunatic Fringe Finally Arrived?

WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose was a well known Independent star named Jon Moxley before coming to WWE. He was known for his hardcore style of work that was similar to ECW. Yet, he was also known as a sweet in-ring technician that loved to show off how good he could be against anyone. Literally, no one out-wrestled him on the Indy scene. When promotions allowed him to talk, that is when the real gold came out. On the mic, he was potentially the best Indy star in the world. It was only a matter of time before WWE came calling.

Once Moxley’s name started getting around, it was interesting to note that star like Daniel Bryan and CM Punk were starting to also show off on WWE programming. Soon, WWE realized the power of the Indy scene and went on a hiring spree, bringing in guys like Tyler Black, who later went on to be known as Seth Rollins, and Moxley, among others.

Once his name was changed to Dean Ambrose, the former Indy guy became a full-on WWE guy. Yet he kept his trademark style and gimmick that he walked in with;, allowing him to virtually takeover with a unique character we never saw before him.

Many thought that Ambrose could be a big star in WWE. He is not a huge, Undertaker or Kane sized guy, but he is by no means small. Due to this, many feel that he has been on the rise for some time. The issue always was, would WWE allow Ambrose to be the star that the WWE fans felt he could be originally? When The Shield first debuted, he was the mouthpiece. He even became a United States Champion, making him stand out above all the rest in the group. Then the group became more about all three men and less about one. Eventually, Roman Reigns stood out as the leader, but Ambrose was still a force in this group as well as Rollins.

Dean Ambrose MITB

When The Shield broke up, many assumed that both Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose would be perfectly fine, only Seth Rollins had a question mark. Rollins has proven any early doubters wrong with his recent work. Meanwhile, Ambrose has proven all of his fans right. The last few months since the Shield has disbanded, Ambrose has been doing a terrific job, standing out over all the other members of the once powerful Shield faction.

This past Monday Night on WWE RAW, many could say that this was Ambrose’s coming out party. He has been doing well, but the reaction he got from start to finish made him stand out more than any other on the show. He has also been getting main-eventer treatment, where the cameras follow him often throughout the arena. On Monday, Ambrose was featured four different times on RAW. While this may not seem like a big deal, it is far better than once or twice a night. It shows that he is so big for fans that WWE wants to put him on as often as possible.

Another interesting note is, due to Dean Ambrose being put on a lot, there was not one CM Punk chant. Sure, there might have been a few guys who mentioned the name. However, more cheered for Ambrose and the surprises of the night, instead of chanting for a man who has been gone for 10 months.

Ambrose really came into his own in the main event. Ambrose spoke earlier in the night about going to Coney Island and getting a hot dog, which was cool for him to do as WWE RAW was in Brooklyn, New York. He only had to take a train out. John Cena was getting beat down in the ring and Ambrose came out with a hot dog cart, armed with a gun holster with ketchup in one and mustard in the other, truly becoming an outlaw of the beefy west.


Both Randy Orton and Kane were doused with Ambrose’s patented “crazy condiments,” while Rollins had hot dogs thrown to him on the house along with being beaten by whatever Ambrose had available. Unable to relish in this, Rollins, now playing the slippery, slimy heel to perfection, got away. It was then that The Authority came out to tell the world that both John Cena and Dean Ambrose would get what they wanted….a one on one match with Seth Rollins. However, only one would get that opportunity. At Hell in a Cell, Ambrose will take on Cena. The winner gets Seth Rollins inside Hell in a Cell.

Knowing this, Ambrose does a Double-Arm DDT to Cena in super-fast mode, putting on his best Flash impersonation. That is a Tuesday show though Dean,

This sent a huge message. Not just to John Cena, but to WWE management. This showed them that not only does WWE have a star now with Dean Ambrose, but he also could be the guy WWE puts their company on in the future. Stone Cold Steve Austin was never the first choice by WWE to be the best WWE Superstar ever, it just happened. The fans chose. Right now, the fans are choosing Ambrose. If he continues his excellent run, WWE will have no choice but to make him a top guy for years to come. We can say that it all really started in Brooklyn, New York, as well.

The reason simply is because if you can get the fans to love you in New York, and make them forget about a man that they have chanted the name of for months….that just shows how good you really are. On top of this, social media lit up for Ambrose all night. When you get the world talking every time you’re seen, you are a star. Without any question. Ambrose just created a big RAW moment on Monday. Now, we can potentially call him one of WWE’s next big things.

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